She’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

Crystal and Sir Beads are feeling a little blue….

For the past two weeks, their eldest daughter has been stateside for an extended Thanksgiving holiday. Oh, what marvelous escapades she and her younger sister (and those above-mentioned parents!) shared during that time.

However, as we all know, a vacation day has fewer than 24 hours, and a vacation week has no where near 7 days.

Or so it seems.

All too quickly, the visit was over. Suddenly, fully-packed suitcases were waiting by door.

Crystal: “I wish I had squeezed in a couple of extra hugs before we left to take her to the airport. It was so hectic when we got there that I only managed to give one last big hug…”

Sir Beads: “I know.”

Crystal: “I miss her already.” (with tears beginning to fall)

Sir Beads: “Me, too.”

Crystal: “We sure had lots of fun though, didn’t we?” (smiling now)

Sir Beads: “Oh yes!”

Crystal: “I’ll focus on that.”

Sir Beads: “Good idea . . . Give me a hug.”