Utensil Drawer or Bottomless Pit?

Do you have a utensil drawer in your kitchen that’s getting out of control?

You know. It’s bulging with spoons, spatulas, and other assorted kitchen implements to the point where every time you open it – nothing is easy to find. Then, trying to close it is almost a magic trick!

Not my drawer - mine was worse!

Not my drawer - mine was much worse!

I’ve discovered a solution that makes oh-so-much sense! I especially like this hint because it’s painless. Sometimes organization tips suggest you just bite the bullet and eliminate stuff – stat!!! This can cause anxiety and the dreaded “What if I get rid of this and then I need it!?!” syndrome. 😉

With the method I’ve found, you will slowly realize that there are lots of things you don’t really need!

Are you ready to show that utensil drawer who’s boss?


First, get a large box or plastic storage tub.

Take everything out of the drawer!

Place ONLY the utensils that you use EVERY week back in the drawer.

Put everything else into the storage box and keep that box in a convenient location in your home.

Now for the next six months (or even a year), whenever you need an item that is NOT in the drawer, retrieve it from the storage box. After using it, you may add it to the items that you keep in the drawer.

spatulaAfter six months (or whatever time frame you choose), there will still be lots of things in that storage box. These are things you hardly ever use. Donate them!

Tell yourself that if someday in the future you really need an item you donated – you can buy it. Chances are this won’t happen, though!

In the meantime, you will have organized a drawer that’s a pleasure to open with easy access to all your cooking tools!

It worked for me 🙂