The New Calendar Has Been Purchased!

Hi Kids,
Well, we’re 11 days into the New Year and I finally have my 2012 calendar.

I’ve mentioned before (here) how I love the yearly ritual of replacing the old calendar – it’s such a “clean slate” kind of feeling.

Although we usually receive freebie calendars from local businesses, they’re often boring with little or no space to mark appointments. For that reason, I usually buy one. The hunt begins shortly after Christmas with just one rule – it MUST be at least 50% off.

This year, our holiday head colds kept us from shopping until after New Year’s Day so the pickings were pretty lean. The clearance bins were full of sports themes, pigs dressed in frou-frou, Barbie, and the standard travel destinations.

I was beginning to think I might have to settle when suddenly –

There it was – and only $4.69!



Now don’t tell Sir Beads, but I am a bit taken with Don Draper. 😉

I have a feeling his picture is right beside the phrase, “tall, dark, and handsome” on Wikipedia.

Ok, maybe not – but it should be!

I’ve been a fan of Mad Men almost from the start. I suppose it’s because I went from 9 to 19 yrs. old during the 1960’s – the era in which it’s set. Honestly, the clothes, alone, are a reason to watch!


So, I’ve installed the calendar in a little corner of my kitchen . . . where the refrigerator meets the counter area which holds my electric teakettle, a mug tree, and 2 cookie jars. It’s a mini hub in our house – that kettle gets a lot of use!

The first evening after I replaced the old calendar, I absent-mindedly began to make some tea and then quickly did a double-take!

There were Don and Roger staring intently at me. The whole kitchen went into soft focus and the ambiance became oh so “supper club”. I could swear I heard the clink of ice cubes along with the soft wail of jazz in the background.

And was that the subtle scent of aftershave?

Maybe it was the teabag I was holding . . .


I know one thing.

I’m going to enjoy turning those pages each month. 😀

Got a 2012 calendar? I’d like to hear about it!