The Way to a Woman’s Heart . . .

Is through her stomach?

Wait . . . That’s not how the old saying goes . . . is it?

Well, I guess I’m adapting it a little. 😉

But seriously, kids, is there much in life that’s more wonderful than being called to the table to enjoy a good meal – which you did not have to prepare?

Sir Beads (a.k.a. dear husband) surprised me by cooking dinner on Saturday. The menu? Pasta and Meatballs – but not just ordinary meatballs! Oh my, these were tender, moist, melt-in-your-mouth meatballs. Oh la la!!! Magnifico!!!

Although I have no Italian heritage, somehow my stomach is 100% Italian, so this dinner was right up my alley. 😀

I had to capture his culinary masterpiece with the camera. (I know you can imagine the delicious aroma in the kitchen!

That’s steam misting above those tasty morsels.

AND there were leftovers (more than are shown here, enough for 2 more meals).

Enough salivating, Crystal. How about the recipe?!?

I’ll do better than that that – I’ll include the “video link” to the recipe from Chef Fabio Viviani. If you are unfamiliar with him – prepare to be charmed and thoroughly entertained!

(Special thanks to my sister Nancy for originally sending me the link.) 🙂

‘Til next time,