You Can Teach An Old Gal New Tricks

My name is Crystal and I hate to dust.

Of course I do dust.

I’ve been dusting for DECADES –

But I hate it.

I suppose part of the problem is I love pretty things . . .

May I present Exhibit A?

And also Exhibit B

I could easily go further into the alphabet – Exhibit C, D, etc. – each with a little “collection” of pretty things, but you get the idea. Collections make dusting a lot slower. You have to stop and dust each item! I’ve tried to imagine if I could be satisfied in a home with the “minimalist-look”. You know – sleek surfaces, empty tables, shelves that display just a single plant, or a photograph. Such an arrangement would only require a quick swipe of a dust rag. Now isn’t that a heavenly thought? Alas, for me it’s just a daydream. I’ve never been able to convince myself that we’d feel cozy in a sparse environment.

The other day I cajoled Sir Beads into dusting what we refer to as the entertainment center. It’s a series of shelves that hold the TV, DVD player, stereo, etc. I must hasten to add that Sir Beads has very little history as a “duster”. Although he’s always been willing to chip in with household chores, I’ve tried to avoid asking for help too often as he takes care of the yard, and all home repairs/maintenance.

BUT, now that he’s retired . . . I figured I’d ask (while batting my eyes in a charming fashion) if he’d consider a bout of dusting “every now and then”.

He immediately agreed. (I do love that guy!)

The entertainment center stands quite tall with several art glass vases displayed along the very top shelf. I lamented to Sir Beads that those vases were going to need a bath (I’d only dusted them the last several times). I also whimpered that the top shelf is a pain in the neck to dust! It has a very rough surface that tends to catch and snag the dust cloth, so you end up with little strings clinging to the wood.

It was then that he said it!!!!!

One simple sentence that left me temporarily speechless as I turned it over in my mind and tried to process the full meaning:

“If it’s so tough . . . why dust that very top shelf?

Nobody can see it.”

Holy moly! In those few words, he had very succinctly illustrated the great divide between the sexes, the disconnect between male and female, the uniqueness of “Mars and Venus”!

I stuttered in reply:

“But, but, but, it’s dusty!

You can’t just leave it to PILE UP!

WE would know!”

At that point, I realized my argument sounded a little weak. His actually made sense – – – well, sort of – but I was not about to abandon my 40+ years of housekeeping practices in the blink of an eye . . .

The shelf was dusted. 😉

Actually it was vacuumed at Sir Beads’ suggestion, and it worked like a charm!

I could never climb up the step stool while carrying the heavy weight of the vacuum cleaner, so using a dust rag has always been the only viable option for me . . .

That is until now!

In the words of the old song: “It’s so nice to have a man around the house!” 😀


So then, Ladies and Gentlemen, do you dust?
Do you hate it? 😉