Making a list . . .

Checking it twice . . . Gonna find out who’s naughty or . . .

Oh, hello there! I’m going shopping.

Wanna come, too?

You do? That’s great!!! 😀

I don’t know about you, but I need to make some progress on my Christmas gifts. Let’s hop on over to etsy and do a little browsing, shall we?

Hmmm . . . Ornaments are always a nice present!!

Gingerbread Personalized Christmas Ornament

Anybody here love gingerbread people? This little one does.
Talk about adorable!!! Only 2-1/2 inches tall! Hand sculpted design, polymer clay. From Buttonwilloe

And look at this beautiful purse!

Little Blue Birdie Winter Wools Repurposed Blazer Bag
This stunning bag will take you all through winter into spring. Made from “UpCycled Wool” obtained from re-purposed clothing. The artist hunts through local thrift shops and friends closets for fine quality wool garments, brings them home and washes them in HOT water. The process is called fulling. The wool from this bag was retrieved from a nice wool blazer! From PineBlossoms

If there’s a young lady on your gift list, chances are she’d love a pretty winter outfit for her doll.

Crocheted Three-piece Holiday Poncho Set
This set consists of poncho, hat, and purse. It’s crocheted for an American Girl Doll using an acrylic blend yarn in a holiday cranberry with a gold metallic thread that adds sparkle. The set is trimmed in extremely soft white Bernat Boa eyelash yarn. From lavenderlore

This next item is one of those gifts that you’ll want to buy TWO of – so you can keep one for yourself! 😀

Felt Mitten Pin
Imagine how adorable this little mitten would be on your winter coat! Or you could use it to anchor your scarf while dashing through the snow on a bright winter day! Lots of hand embroidery, beads and a pretty button embellish this mini work of art. It’s 100% wool felt, all hand stitched, and measures just over 2 1/2″. From beedeebabee

And finally, what’s a gift without a festive tag?

Vintage Style, Victorian Inspired, Saint Nick Gift Tags
Old St Nicktags
These pretty tags will be kept long after the gift is gone – especially if you jot a special little message on them. Made on high quality ivory card stock, with a touch of red. A very realistic victorian style image is printed, and the sentiment has been handstamped. The edges have been shaded with a coordinating ink for a vintage look. Burgundy satin ribbon ties. From frenchcountry

Well, this was a good start but I’m not finished, so I’ll be browsing again soon. I hope you’ll join me again next time! 🙂