TGIF, Etc.

Can you believe it’s July, already?

My fingers are crossed that many of you will be having a long weekend – since the 4th falls on a Sunday, this year. 🙂

Sir Beads is on vacation next week, and I’ve promised to take take the week off with him. We’ll be doing some much needed home repairs and spending time with my parents, who will soon be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! We’ll also try to work in a day trip or two.

But, I’ll be back here one week from Monday (on July 12th), and I hope you’ll join me then!

I‘ll miss you, Kids! I appreciate your warmth and sweet comments more than words can say!

Sending many hugs and my warmest wishes for you to find a little time to relax and have some fun this weekend. 😀

See ya on the 12th!