A Birthday Surprise

balloondividerzSir Beads-a-Lot and I have an occasion-filled few weeks between the end of July and the end of August. First it’s his birthday, then it’s my birthday, and then it’s our wedding anniversary – all within a four-week span of time!

He’s a very thoughtful guy and I’ve received some wonderful gifts in the 38 years that we’ve been married, but none of them meant more to me than what he came up with for my birthday last month . . .

It’s been a very busy summer this year, and when all of a sudden it seemed as if my birthday was only a few days away, I told him not to fuss – that I didn’t need a gift this time.

He took me at my word – sort of. When he came home from work on my birthday, he put this on the table.


I protested that I didn’t need a gift this year. He answered that it was “just something small”. So I admired it unopened as we ate dinner, and then suddenly a card and a 2-person birthday cake appeared!


The card shows Mickey and Minnie (who have always been our favorites!!!). They’re looking at the stars, arm in arm, and the verse is: ”I thank my lucky stars each night . . .” Well of course I loved that!

If you read this blog, you know that I also love ornaments (See the story here). I was delighted to open the gift and find not only a new ornament but also to discover that it was Mickey and Minnie!


Seeing it immediately brought me back to 1971 – our first Christmas as a married couple and the year we bought our first special glass ornament together. It was a little Mickey Mouse that we found during the Christmastime bustle at a department store in downtown Boston. Ever since then, we carefully put it on the tree each year, and then carefully pack it away after the holidays – it means a lot to us.

So I must give Sir Beads much credit for tying some of my favorite things together with some of our most treasured memories, and creating such a nice surprise for my birthday!

You can probably guess what’s coming next . . .

I just can’t resist! 😉

Birthday Card – a few dollars

Cake – 5 dollars

Hallmark ornament – 16 dollars

Choosing the perfect array of thoughtful birthday gifts for your wife –


Sir Beads, if you are reading this, I thank my lucky stars each night, too! 😀