What’s The Good Word

Weather-wise, it sounds like a wild week ahead for many of us!

Let’s distract ourselves with something trivial! 😉

I’ll put on my Andy Andrea Rooney hat and ask . . .

Did you ever notice . . . there are certain words and sayings that are only used in some areas of the country?

Or maybe your family has expressions that you hardly ever hear others say!

For example:

    “Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb???”
    This is an expression I never heard until a couple of years ago. It can be used as a way of changing the subject during a conversation. There’s even an “answer” to the question: “Not if it’s in cans!”

    “I’m shouting!” When you say this, you mean that you are planning to pay the check at a restaurant. The idea is that the person who truly wants to treat the others in his group would be the most vocal when asking for the bill. Although my grandfather used this expression frequently, I’ve never heard it said by anyone outside my extended family. A quick search on google did show the term, however.

    “Stick-to-itiveness” The nuns I had for teachers *loved* to use the word: “stick-to-itiveness” – both as a way to encourage students to apply themselves, and also to explain failure. “If Johnny only had a little more ‘stick-to-itiveness’, he would have studied until he completely understood the math lesson, and then would have easily passed his exam.” I seldom hear this word used now, nor do I see it in print.


So, please tell me. Do you use, or have you even heard, any of the examples above? More importantly (and more fun), what would you add to the list?