Seasonal Decor

fallscene Do you enjoy decorating for the seasons? I do. 🙂

It started when I was in grade school. I remember I was always delighted to see the changing series of classroom decorations that my teachers (nuns!) came up with for each month of the school year.

There were apples and colorful leaves in September, pumpkins in October, turkeys and Pilgrims in November, Santas and Christmas bells for December, snowflakes for January, Hearts and silhouettes of Lincoln and Washington for February, shamrocks in March, bunnies and Easter eggs for April, flowers for May, and smiling sun faces for June. Those teachers were absolutely tireless! They decorated the walls, the bulletin boards, and the windows!!!

jugdaisyWhen my kids were growing up, I decorated for every holiday! I know that I enjoyed it every bit as much as they did. Of course Christmas was the big one – an extravaganza of decking our halls! In fact, Sir Beads always used to tease me by asking if I would be putting a red bow on the commode! 😉 I never did but just about every other corner was festooned with holiday sparkle.

After the kids left the nest, I scaled back a little, but I still like to put my favorite seasonal items on display. Christmas is not quite the extravaganza of old, but it will always be a colorful and festive occasion in our home.tinypumpkin

Gee, writing about all of this has me in the mood to set up my Thanksgiving decorations – it is almost time! – but I’ll have to dust first. 😉