Crystal’s Day Off

Crystal deserves a day off!

It’s her birthday this week, so today’s post is penned by yours truly, Sir Beads.

Given the fact that Crystal and I were married within a year after we met, and next week is our 40th Wedding Anniversary, this is the 41st Crystal’s Birthday that we have celebrated together. Where does the time go?

I’m sure that some of those birthdays did not involve having a day off from anything. (Sorry, Honey.) But then sometimes I, or the kids and I, would make a meal or pick a chore or two off the list that we wouldn’t normally do. I really hope those efforts made her day a little more fun and enjoyable in those years.

Now that I’m retired and home a lot more of the time, I’m realizing that the list of chores for a wife and homemaker (not to mention businesswoman and blogger) is much longer and more time-consuming than I figured!

Note to Crystal:

Darling, count me in to help out where I can.
And Happy Birthday!
Sir Beads