Making A Memory

My daughter and I made a necklace the other day…

She’s all grown up now and currently lives in Europe, but last week she popped in for a surprise visit.

She and I have always shared a love of sparkly baubles, and I’ve designed several pieces of jewelry for her over the years. But after breakfast on Thursday morning, while we were perusing my collection of vintage beads, she decided that she would like to make a little something herself.

During that afternoon, we giggled as we spilled bags of beads all over the kitchen table in a myriad of glittering piles.

“A loooong necklace”, she declared, while experimenting with various colors, shapes, and sizes.

I should mention that this girl of mine was born a fashion maven, and although she hasn’t had much opportunity to make jewelry in the past, on this day it was immediately apparent that she was about to create something gorgeous!!!

Her Dad would have to dine later than usual that evening. At dusk, the table was still blanketed in beads! He said he didn’t mind though, as he shot us a tolerant smile.

When all was said and done, the necklace was breathtaking – a unique treasure, much like the young woman who created it!

Later, I realized that the thrill of viewing the finished piece and the fun we had during the process was only part of the experience.

In the end, the most important thing that my daughter and I made that day was a memory . . .