Winter Blossom

Ok, so temperatures are hovering near the zero degree mark not only here in New England, but in many parts of the country. And there’s record snowfall, too . . .

If you look very closely though, you can still spot a flower.


I’m not kidding!



Here’s a project anyone can create. C’mon now, no arguing! If you can cut out a circle and sew on a button – you can make this pretty blossom! 😀

I chose a soft blue plaid fleece for mine – so adorable! I can imagine this pinned to a scarf, or a hat, or if made in a smaller size – attached to a napkin ring!

I’ll attach a link to the youtube tutorial (here). Don’t be frightened by the fact that the video mentions using a sizzix machine to cut out your circles. Scissors can cut out circles, too.

You know, just the way we CAN write a letter on paper . . . we don’t HAVE to email it. 😉


If anyone’s looking for me – I’ll be working on a bright pink one next!