Will U B Mine

Hey Kids – TGIF! 🙂

And if it’s Friday…. that means it’s time for Friday Favorites!

Today I have some adorable vintage Valentines.

I hate to admit it but . . .


This is what Valentines looked like when I was a kid.

Does that mean I am vintage?

Don’t answer that! 😉


Valentine’s Day was quite a big deal when I was in grade school. A week before the event, our teacher would ask us to decorate a large box. First, we’d cover it entirely with colored paper, then we’d add white paper doilies. Next we’d cut out heart shapes in several sizes and paste them all over the box. When it was finished, we’d modestly “ooooh and ahhh” about how festive and gorgeous it had turned out! The last step was to make a slot in the top and then it was ready for display in a prominent place in the classroom. During the next few days, the kids would gradually bring Valentine cards to school and drop them into the box.


On the day of the Valentine party, there would be candy and cake and someone would be selected to act as the “mailman”, whose task it was to open the box and deliver the cards. Everyone wanted that job!


Somewhere along the way, the teachers instituted a rule that we must send a card to every child in the class. This was well intentioned but seldom did the little package of Valentines that we bought have enough for all classmates! I can remember having several late nights when I discovered on the eve of the party that I was short a few cards, so before going to bed, I’d have to make them by hand!

Sweet memories though. 🙂

Can you remember Valentine’s Day when you were in elementary school?

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you Monday for a new giveaway . . .