Will U B Mine

Hey Kids – TGIF! 🙂

And if it’s Friday…. that means it’s time for Friday Favorites!

Today I have some adorable vintage Valentines.

I hate to admit it but . . .


This is what Valentines looked like when I was a kid.

Does that mean I am vintage?

Don’t answer that! 😉


Valentine’s Day was quite a big deal when I was in grade school. A week before the event, our teacher would ask us to decorate a large box. First, we’d cover it entirely with colored paper, then we’d add white paper doilies. Next we’d cut out heart shapes in several sizes and paste them all over the box. When it was finished, we’d modestly “ooooh and ahhh” about how festive and gorgeous it had turned out! The last step was to make a slot in the top and then it was ready for display in a prominent place in the classroom. During the next few days, the kids would gradually bring Valentine cards to school and drop them into the box.


On the day of the Valentine party, there would be candy and cake and someone would be selected to act as the “mailman”, whose task it was to open the box and deliver the cards. Everyone wanted that job!


Somewhere along the way, the teachers instituted a rule that we must send a card to every child in the class. This was well intentioned but seldom did the little package of Valentines that we bought have enough for all classmates! I can remember having several late nights when I discovered on the eve of the party that I was short a few cards, so before going to bed, I’d have to make them by hand!

Sweet memories though. 🙂

Can you remember Valentine’s Day when you were in elementary school?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Will U B Mine — 14 Comments

  1. Yep, we are vintage! Valentine Day has always been commercial of course, but sadly kids today have to have Valentine cards based on the current big rock tween idol and whatever fad is big at the time. Give me a break WWF Valentines? ~lol~

    My memories are pretty much like yours except we each decorated a bag and put it on our desk and each of us delivered our own. Maybe that was a memory of how it worked for Laurie, or my grandsons..its all a blurr.

    So I tell my husband forget my birthday…no big deal. I want to be remembered on Valentine Day and our Anniversary. No presents necessary…
    xx, Carol

  2. We didn’t tend to celebrate Valentines in my school but I do remember pining over boys and thinking I wish I would get a card! lol!

  3. Hi crystal
    I have a recipe for your recipe box.

    My husband cut it out of the local paper and I don’t know who created it, so for your recipe box I’ll call it

    ‘Clenna’s Southwestern Pork Tenderloin”- Crock Pot Style

    Serves 8
    1 ½ c seeded and chopped green bell pepper
    2 c chopped onion
    1 (16 oz) frozen corn or 1 can corn
    1 (16 ox) mild, medium or spicey salsa
    2 tsp dried oregano
    1 tsp cumin
    1 tsp salt and pepper
    2 lb pork tenderloin, trimmed of fat, cut up

    Stir together pepper, onion corn, salsa and herbs in slow cooker.
    Place pork on top of vegetables. Cover and cook on LOW for 6 hours or on High for 3 hours .

    Serve over noodles or rice.

  4. I remember paper bags we would decorate and hang on our desk… and I remember only getting valentine’s from girls and I found it so bizarre. Then, as we got older and girls gave to boys and boys to girls, I got none :/ Haven’t much liked valentine’s day since.

  5. Thanks, Clenna 😀
    The recipe sounds absolutely wonderful! Please thank your husband, too.
    I’ve put it in the recipe box under: “What’s for Dinner (or Lunch)?”

    My husband ( and I think Carol’s) will be voting for the noodles. lol

  6. We’re not vintage…we’re highly esteemed and much sought after. lol
    Oh yes…Valentine’s Day. I loved it in elementary school and HATED it in high school. Elementary was great…the smell of paste thickened the air, everyone giddy over a break from schoolwork, seeing “who loved who” and who got the most cards. Oh, and my heavens, if someone were to get a BIG card…well then, they were the stuff. High school memories of Valentines Day makes me want to seek therapy. At the end of every class, hearing name, after name, after name being called to the office to get their roses. Ugh. It always seemed that on Valentine’s, the guy I liked was always dating someone else. That’s ok; I checked him out on facebook the other day and he’s bald.
    Just joking, he’s still gorgeous. darn it

  7. I forgot to mention that on Valentine’s Day we decored cereal boxes to receive out Valentines’ I love decorating more than the cards. It was a fun time.

  8. That’s the way my valentines looked too. We didn’t have cartoon characters from shows on them – they were all drawings. We got a list and had to make them for everyone in the class. Ahhh those were the days.

  9. When I was a child (in Ireland, centuries ago) Valentine’s day was not that big – but I do remember cards which looked suspiciously like those you have posted!! So I am also another ‘vintage’ lady. (What do they say – “the older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune”…..)

    I only ever got one Valentine card as a child – from my little brother, who didn’t understand you are not supposed to sign them. I was so happy to get it, but gutted that I couldn’t show it to my friends because they would know who sent it and NOT be impressed. Carol 🙂

  10. These are too cute! I’ll take these over “Hannah Montana” Valentines anyday, although my niece may beg to differ…

  11. Oh gosh…we are vintage! … but that makes us even more special! 😉
    You brought back such memories with this post! I used to love Valentine’s Day in elementary school for the same reasons…we could have been in the same class from what you described! I loved this!!!
    Hugs, Paulette xoxo

  12. When I was in school, those awful licensed-character valentines were already ruling the shelves. I hated them! So I made all my own. We did the everyone-gets-a-card thing too, and made our own “mailboxes”– so great!
    Then in junior high, Valentine’s was banned, and so we all took it underground. Pink and red solidarity, brothers! We smuggled cards and candy hearts in amongst daily handouts.
    And in high school, it came back as school parties. Some kids gave each other presents, but mostly it was between friends, and kind of general. And homerooms did soda and pizza, and sometimes the teacher gave us cards.
    All of which may explain why I have nothing but fondness for Valentine’s Day, and don’t get the haters at all. 😛 Any excuse for giving pretty cards and eating pink things is good!

  13. I remember making little “mailboxes” for our cards in school too. We would get excited if one of our Valentines included candy like a sucker,that means every kid got one and we could eat them in class!!

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