Goodnight Irene

In our family, there’s an amusing anecdote that’s been told and retold over the years.

When my Aunt Irene was a teenager, she was dating a young man named, Joe.

Irene’s father (my Grandpa) was your typical protective Dad when it came to his daughter’s dating – but he also had a great sense of humor.

The story goes that one night when Joe brought Irene home from an evening out, Grandpa thought they were lingering just a little too long on the outside of the doorway.

Rather than open the door and speak to them directly about it, he put a record on the record player with the volume turned up. The loud strains of “Goodnight Irene, Goodnight Irene . . .” were just the subtle hint needed to convince the young couple it was time to call it a night. đŸ˜‰


Eventually, Aunt Irene and Uncle Joe married and had six kids and lots of grandkids. Just a couple of years ago, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by loving family and friends.

Early this Tuesday morning, Aunt Irene decided she was tired of battling the illness she had developed in recent years . . . and she left us.

We were prepared, and yet we are very unprepared. Some things in life get easier the more you experience them. The death of a loved one is the exception – it’s always just as difficult as it was the time before.

When the family gathers to celebrate her life on Friday, I’m sure our hearts will be whispering: “Goodnight Irene”.


Give those you love an extra hug today,