Past Perfect… Refurbishing Grandma’s Bling!

Are you the recipient of a piece or two of Grandma’s vintage costume jewelry?

Is it in perfect condition?

If so – lucky you! 🙂

Chances are though; it’s in need of a little makeover, especially if it’s something that Grandma loved to wear. But even a piece with scratched beads, chipped crystals, or a broken clasp can shine again if you salvage the best parts and rework them into a new design.

To begin – remove any badly worn components and replace them with some pretty new choices! You can retain the “vintage look” by selecting coordinating vintage beads. Searching for them will be half the fun!

If you have daughters, consider making more than one item from Grammy’s favorite necklace. Imagine how special it would be to incorporate some of her pearls into a design to be worn on a granddaughter’s wedding day. Or perhaps a selection of her crystal beads could adorn the wrist of your high school graduate as she receives her diploma.

Whatever you decide, it’s a wonderful way to link the generations. You’ll be creating a keepsake that would make Grandma smile. Surely there’s nothing sweeter than to use a bauble from the past, to create an heirloom treasure for the future! 😀