Time to Party!


Will you help me blow out the candles?

It’s my blogiversary!!!


One year – I can’t believe it! I wish I could reach right out there into cyberspace and give each one of you a piece of cake!

(Well, first I wish I had a cake! lol )

Seriously though, one year ago today I never dreamed that this blog would unfold the way it has. I started it as a way to spread the word about my bead shop. Initially, I thought I’d concentrate on writing posts about making jewelry.


I quickly discovered that many of my readers were interested in a wide range of topics and so I’ve tried to cover a variety of subjects. Sometimes I worry that I’m not pleasing everyone, but I’m trying my best!

One thing I never expected is that I would meet so many wonderful people, who would generously offer such incredible support, warm friendship, and delightfully sweet and entertaining feedback! Thank you all so much!!!


If you are a “regular” commenter here, you can be sure that I recognize your name and that I remember all the comments you leave, and I even feel as if I know you a little! If you are new to this blog, please visit often – I’ll recognize you soon! 🙂


So Happy Blogiversary to me and my heartfelt thanks to you!!!!

I could never have done it without you! 🙂