7 Beauty Essentials

I must admit; I’ve always been a tad on the “high maintenance” side. 😉 It’s not so much that I buy a lot of expensive things – it’s more that I love all of the frou-frou and accoutrements that go along with being a woman!

Although I am easing up a bit in recent years, for most of my life I wouldn’t think of venturing out to the grocery store (let alone the places you’d expect to see a girl gussied up) without my hair fixed, full makeup, and jewelry.

These days, I’m busier than ever it seems, so I’ve begun to simplify my everyday “girly” routine. While doing so, I’ve found myself wondering exactly which items would be impossible for me to ever give up . . .

For this week’s Lucky Seven, I have my choices for:

7 Absolutely Essential Beauty Items:

1. A Rich Hand Cream
I use a moderately priced hand lotion most of the time but a few times a week, I like to use a very rich hand cream. My favorite is L’Occitane en Provence. It’s a splurge but since I don’t use it every day, it lasts quite a while! The fragrance is gorgeous and it leaves my hands (and cuticles) feeling super soft.

2. Body Lotion
What good are soft hands if your elbows and heels are rough? I love to use lotion right after a shower.

3. Blistex
I’ve tried ChapStick and all kinds of lip balms but, for me, nothing works as well or feels as good as Blistex. In winter, my lips chap easily whether I’m outside or indoors, so I keep a tube in my purse and one on the nightstand.

4. Cologne
A mild, softly-scented cologne offers a double benefit. When you wear it, you’re not only giving pleasure to others, but you’re also experiencing a little aromatherapy for yourself! 🙂

5. Mascara
It’s amazing how a bit of mascara puts the sparkle in your eyes. It really is the workhorse of the eye makeup category.

6. Lipstick
It’s a rare woman who could give up her lipstick. That touch of color wakes up your whole face. Actually, lipstick can serve as two beauty essentials – in a pinch, you can blend a little to blush your cheeks!

7. Earrings
To paraphrase the American Express commercial….

“I don’t leave home without them!” (Never!) 😉

In fact, I wear earrings at home, too. What can I say? I’m addicted to bling. 😉


C‘mon now, please tell us which beauty items you consider essential!