And The Winners Are!!!!

First of all, I want to send out many thanks to all of you who entered my first Free Beads Design Challenge!!!

I just loved your enthusiasm and reading your comments was lots of fun. 😀


Enough jabbering,Crystal!!!

Did I win or NOT!!??!!

Oh yes, the winners . . . 😉

Well, Sir Beads says I’m a softie –

but I just can’t let anyone be left out on this very first challenge!

Sooooo, EVERYONE who entered by the Oct. 21st deadline and who promises to make something and send me a photo of it within 10 days of receiving the beads is a WINNER!


That’s right! If you agree to the terms, just send your shipping address to:


and I will ship your beads a.s.a.p.!

Although the fuchsia beads were the most popular, we also had votes for the other two choices. I’ll send you the ones you selected. (If you didn’t choose one in particular – please choose when you send your shipping address!)

I think it will be especially fun to see the variety of finished designs in all three colors!