Results Day – Autumn Bead Challenge

fallbeadchallenge13Our Autumn Bead Challenge was a perfect example of the slogan –

“You can’t win if you don’t play.”

A dozen or so beaders expressed the desire to create something for the event but in the end only a couple were able to send in a finished design before the deadline.

(I surely can understand how time flies.)

However, as a result, the math here is simple:

2 prizes + 2 entrants = great odds of winning! 😀

I’m delighted to announce that Annia and Carolyn have each WON!!!
(Ladies, please watch your email for your $25 Coupon!)

divider autumnleaves

Let’s take a peek at their spectacular designs . . .

Annia made a gorgeous wrap bracelet with our Czech Silver Faceted Oval Beads, and a stunning bracelet/earrings set with our Vintage Jet Black Connectors!


divider autumnleaves

Carolyn designed a fabulous necklace featuring our Lapis Blue Spacers, White Moonglow Pearlized Tubes, and Moonglow Baby Blue Rounds!


Both ladies expressed the feeling that our theme (“Break Out of Your Color Comfort Zone”) was a true challenge!

Annia said:
“I love color and normally my pieces reflect that and finding a never used color was difficult so I used a new technique…”

Carolyn said:
“This was out of my usual color combinations as I favor autumn colors.”

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I must add – challenge or not – these ladies did our beads proud! 🙂




I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Future Fun and a Surprise!

Several weeks ago, I asked one of my favorite jewelry designers if she’d like to choose some beads from my shop to make a design that I would feature here on the blog. To my delight, she graciously accepted the challenge and I sent her the beads!

I must add that this designer is also a very dear friend – so thoughtful and incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. Her name is Brenda (of BrendasJewelleryBox) and she creates wonderfully unique pieces. What I most admire about her work is her continual quest to implement new techniques. She’s truly an inspiration. Here are some examples of her art.


In the near future, Brenda will be sending me photos of the finished pieces she has made with my beads and I’ll share her beautiful results right here as soon as I get them.

BUT there is also a SURPRISE! 😀
Brenda plans to have a GIVEAWAY of those finished pieces on her blog and you’ll all be invited to enter for your chance to win! (The details will be announced when the jewelry is complete.)

In the meantime, would you like to see the beads she has chosen to work with? Ok then, hurry on over to her blog!


Til next time . . .



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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I’m A Little Bit Vintage

Raise your hand if you remember Donny and Marie? 😉

And their theme song?

You know —

She’s “a little bit country”; He’s “a little bit “rock and roll”.

C’mon Kids… please say you know what on earth I’m talking about, here.

(For you youngsters in the group – it’s Donny and Marie Osmond!)


I can hear you asking: “Surely there’s a point to this, Crystal???”


Why, yes. Of course! 😉

If I were to join the chorus along with good ole Donny and Marie, I’d be singing: “I’m a little bit “vintage”.

I’m not referring to my age – though I suppose that’s a good adjective to describe it. I mean that I have a passion for all things vintage – beads, jewelry, books, accessories, china, furniture, etc.!

This week, I took some time to play with a pretty bunch of Vintage Swarovski Rhinestones and Cabochons. I combined them with some vintage-look findings and quick as a wink – I had 3 pairs of earrings!

Sapphire Blue – such sparkle on these vintage rhinestones!

Amethyst purple – my favorite color! Love that marquise-shape stone.

And Swarovski Glass Cabochons in Smoked Topaz Aurora Borealis. Talk about a rainbow of colors!


If you were to chime in with Donny and Marie…. how would you fill in the blank?

“I’m a little bit “_______”.



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Eyes Wide in Wonder

I LOVE the internet! Don’t you?
For me, it is still as full of wonder and excitement as it was the very first day I logged on. I’m continually amazed by the vast amount of information at my fingertips. It’s thrilling to know I can get an answer to almost any question in minutes! It’s like having the library open 24/7 . . . a library that’s in your own house!!!

When I browse, I’m always looking for creative ideas and new projects to make. It’s astounding how much talent is showcased on the web – each idea more wonderful than the last! Sometimes, I bookmark them in my “favorites” file on the computer. Other times, I print them on paper. I’ve got the over-stuffed very full folders to prove it. We’re talking scores of projects and patterns! I’ll be a very old lady before I make even half of them, but who cares? The fun is having a whole bunch of good ideas from which to choose whenever I have some time to craft.

Today, I want to show you my latest . . .

It begins with one of these oval-ish silver rings.


Add some tiny glass seed beads, a needle, and beading thread… and soon a design is beginning to form.


When finished, it makes a showy pendant – not too huge, just bold enough to make a statement.


Although it would be pretty on a cord, I decided to play up the silver oval by placing it on this silver chain.


Kinda cute? Don’t you think?

You can find the directions for this adorable pendant by clicking here!


So now I can scratch another project off of my “to make” list!
Hmmm… that’s one more down, and a gazillion to go. 😉

Do you have more restraint than I do when it comes to favorite-ing – everything?!?

(Thank you, Kids, for last week’s wonderful comments!)



The Envelope, Please!

Hey Kids,
Here I am in the wee hours of the morning writing this quick post! There’s a major snow storm heading our way and I want to be sure to announce the winner of the GIVEAWAY – while I still can. You see, this weather system is threatening to deliver high winds, widespread power outages, and up to 2 feet of snow!

And the winner is . . .

I love giveaways because it’s so much fun to make someone happy!

I don’t like giveaways because I hate disappointing everyone who didn’t win. 🙁

Well, ok, here goes . . .

The winner, chosen at random, of the Evening in Paris Earrings is Kelly! 😀

Congratulations Kelly, and a big thank you to all who entered and offered their suggestions for future posts.

Have a relaxing weekend and please cross your fingers that we don’t lose our power, won’t you?

I’ll be back with a new post early (hopefully!) next week.