Eyes Wide in Wonder

I LOVE the internet! Don’t you?
For me, it is still as full of wonder and excitement as it was the very first day I logged on. I’m continually amazed by the vast amount of information at my fingertips. It’s thrilling to know I can get an answer to almost any question in minutes! It’s like having the library open 24/7 . . . a library that’s in your own house!!!

When I browse, I’m always looking for creative ideas and new projects to make. It’s astounding how much talent is showcased on the web – each idea more wonderful than the last! Sometimes, I bookmark them in my “favorites” file on the computer. Other times, I print them on paper. I’ve got the over-stuffed very full folders to prove it. We’re talking scores of projects and patterns! I’ll be a very old lady before I make even half of them, but who cares? The fun is having a whole bunch of good ideas from which to choose whenever I have some time to craft.

Today, I want to show you my latest . . .

It begins with one of these oval-ish silver rings.


Add some tiny glass seed beads, a needle, and beading thread… and soon a design is beginning to form.


When finished, it makes a showy pendant – not too huge, just bold enough to make a statement.


Although it would be pretty on a cord, I decided to play up the silver oval by placing it on this silver chain.


Kinda cute? Don’t you think?

You can find the directions for this adorable pendant by clicking here!


So now I can scratch another project off of my “to make” list!
Hmmm… that’s one more down, and a gazillion to go. 😉

Do you have more restraint than I do when it comes to favorite-ing – everything?!?

(Thank you, Kids, for last week’s wonderful comments!)