Talk About C-U-T-E

Remember in one of last week’s posts when I asked:

“What makes you smile on a grey day?” 🙂

Well Allison replied that her *three* basset hounds make her smile.

As I read that, it sounded so sweet that I asked if she had a photo of them . . .

Oh my goodness! Is this adorable or what???

puppies - A

click photo to enlarge

The pretty young lady is Allison’s daughter and this was their 2009 family Christmas card. The bassets are Clara (the oldest), and Beau and Bella (who are littermates).

The big fella is Moose, a chocolate lab, who thinks he is a mastiff! Allison says that she saw both of his parents and they were a normal size!

Thank you so much, Allison, for sharing this photo. I have a feeling you are brightening the day for everyone who sees it! 😀