Always and Forever

She awoke very early that morning, after a night of little rest.

She’d been much too excited to sleep. The first thing she noticed after jumping out of bed was her long white gown hanging on the closet door.

She quickly raised the window shade and gasped to see that the trees were blowing wildly, and ominous grey clouds swirled in the sky. She knew that late August was hurricane season in New England, but this storm came out of the blue! The weatherman had predicted only “a chance of showers”.

“Is this a bad omen on my wedding day?” she wondered out loud, but quickly dismissed the thought and began to get dressed.

She was happy; she was nervous; she was SCARED! Her mind wandered and suddenly she was sure she was making a huge mistake. Her heart raced and she felt a little faint. She tried to put it out of her mind. After all, there were guests on the way. The reception was booked and the dinner paid in full. There was no choice – she had to go through with it.

With butterflies zooming around in her stomach, she rode to the church. The skies looked darker and more threatening. The winds were recklessly whipping her veil as she climbed the steps. Just inside the doors, her parents kept her company until an usher gave the signal that the ceremony was about to begin. She took a very deep breath. Then, as organ music filled the air, she reached for her father’s arm and started down the aisle.

In the distance, she saw him . . . waiting for her. He looked so handsome in his wedding attire.

He smiled as she approached the altar, but she noticed he looked nervous. At that very moment, all of her fears melted away. She was now focusing solely on him and thinking of how she could help him to be calm.

She felt her confidence return – they were doing the right thing . . . they were right for eachother.

After the ceremony, the doors were opened and the bride and groom stepped outside. To everyone’s amazement – the sun was shining brightly! There was no longer any trace of the storm. The new couple believed this was a wonderful sign.

And it was . . . 😉

Sir Beads and I will celebrate our 39th anniversary this weekend. Would I do it all over again?

Oh yes – in a rainstorm, in a hurricane, in a tornado, or a blizzard! I never forget how lucky I am to have found my true love.

If you are reading this, Sweet Husband, thank you!

For 39 years, you’ve made my heart sing. . .

Let’s go for 39 more! 😀


I do! I do!

I’m back after a few fun-filled days! 😀


It was our anniversary on Friday and then we attended our nephew’s wedding – a very special celebration that lasted most of the weekend!

Our whole extended family was in attendance and we all stayed at a hotel near the festivities. It was delightful to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends – all at the same time, and for a few days instead of just an afternoon.


The bride and groom recommended the hotel, which was beautifully set up for a comfortable stay. It was quite a treat for us and the fact that it was also our anniversary weekend made it seem as if we were celebrating that too!

How about a tour of the place? 🙂

Doesn’t this look restful?

And a little corner of the powder room . . .

We had a fully equipped kitchen.

A comfy living room

A spacious desk

The dining area was bright and cheery!

I’ll tell you more about the wonderful wedding later in the week, but for now I thought you’d like to hear about our anniversary.

We traveled to the above hotel on Friday afternoon in anticipation of the wedding which was to take place on the following day. We checked-in, dropped our bags in the room, oohed and aahed about how lovely and spacious it was, and then went out for our anniversary dinner. After that, we took a peek in a nearby mall to see if we could buy a new wedding album!

It turns out that after 38 years, a wedding album falls apart! Our wedding pix are still in fine shape – but the album is disintegrating. We found a new one at a Hallmark store and I can’t wait to put our old photos into it!

So, with a delicious meal under our belts and a new album purchased, we returned to the hotel to begin a memorable weekend.

To be continued . . .