A Winter’s Tale

tinywinterbirdhseToday may be the first day of winter, but since when did Mother Nature ever pay attention to the calendar? 😉

Here in New England, winter arrived early and with a wallop! We’re still digging our way out of 18 inches of snow that began late Saturday night and continued for much of Sunday. It’s absolutely beautiful, though! We feel as if we are living in a giant snow globe – one that someone keeps picking up and shaking every so often! 😀


Can we really be just a couple of days away from Christmas? I have a few more things to cross off my list, but all in all, I’m feeling good about my chances of finishing on schedule (thank goodness!).

My blogging may be a little sporadic over the next week or so, as I take some time to make Christmas special for my family. I know that you will be very busy, too!!!

I’ll still be popping in to comment or post a photo though – so I hope you’ll check back when you can.

The weekly giveaways will resume during the first week in January and I am planning some very special things for 2010!

Thank you all so much for your loyal support, your very thoughtful comments, and your kind friendship. I’m so very fortunate to have the best readers in the world!!! 😀

Hugs to all,



A Winter’s Tale — 2 Comments

  1. Man, the worst time that Mother Nature could dump on you, isn’t it. Well, having all the snow in January could be a blessing. Nature’s way of forcing us to relax and enjoy life …slow down. But what the heck is she telling us by dumping before Christmas??? Again, her way of telling us to slow down, don’t you think?

    Enjoy the holiday Crissy. Don’t let life get to hectic this week.
    Much Love, Carol

  2. Happy Winter Crystal! Enjoy these last few days before Christmas. I always look forward to visiting you! YOU are such a sweetie! Have fun as you continue to dig out! Hugs, xoxo

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