Give your Favorite Things

girlchristmasIf you’re like me, you sometimes find it tough to come up with a good gift idea.

Is there a person on your gift list who doesn’t really “need” anything?

Do you avoid buying clothing for gifts because finding the right size can be an issue?

Or maybe you’re just tired of giving the same types of gifts to family and friends every year.

Until a couple of years ago, I could answer yes to all of the above. Then I thought of a new idea – I decided to give our favorite things. 🙂

I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve all sampled enough food, beverages, brand names, music/movies, etc. to be sure of the things we love the most.


With that in mind, I bought a medium-sized covered storage box (I wanted the container to be very useful to the recipient afterwards), and then I filled it with our favorite things, and I mean favorites! I used colorful ribbons and pretty tissue paper to arrange everything in a festive presentation. It was such fun to make a special shopping trip to purchase our favorite chocolates, tea, liqueur, jam, cookies, crackers, music CD, book, and video. (You’ll have your own categories of favorites, of course!)

This was a gift for my parents, who have no need and no space for “dust collectors”. Below is the little poem that I wrote and attached to their gift:


“We thought and we thought, and then thought some more,
As we searched and searched from store to store,
You’ve no need for knick-knacks, or do-dads, or “stuff”
Finding space for those things can be pretty rough!

So, here is a gift that will earn its keep.
You can use it all up – and that’s a relief!!!
You’ll find sweets and snacks and even booze!
There’s a CD for music, or a book if you choose.

The items are simple – not the treasure of kings
But these are a group of OUR favorite things!
They were gathered with care and lots of love, too.
And they come with a wish… Merry Christmas to you!!!”


The sky is the limit for different versions of this idea. I hope it helps the next time you’re having trouble finding the perfect present. 🙂


©2009 beadhappilyeverafter


Give your Favorite Things — 7 Comments

  1. Good idea and CUTE poem! I like to give gift baskets also. I especially like to give one to my daughter with a sampling of beauty items I know she likes. She seldom buys things for herself, especially right now. Fun isn’t it!

  2. Great idea! THis year one of the gifts I gave was a tea cup that belonged to my husband’s mother. One of my DILs is beginning a collection of tea cups and I thought she’d be the most appreciative of it at this time. Didn’t cost anything, but the sentimental value is priceless for us…it was hard to give it up, but I just wasn’t using it very much. Hope the grandkids don’t destroy it!

  3. Crystal, I loved your poem SO MUCH!!! What a sweet gift idea too! About five years ago my dear mom (who is not a creative type AT ALL) made my sister and me these huge food/treat gift baskets. I was so impressed, I just couldn’t believe she would even think to do that! Each was all wrapped up in cellophane and ribbons. She used wicker laundry baskets, and she crammed all sorts of candies, crackers, jams even pasta inside. It was such a surprise! My parents have given me some really beautiful things over the years, but that overstuffed laundry basket was something else! … and, I really use the basket for my laundry now!… What a good memory. =D Hugs, xoxo

  4. I totally agree that what you give gifts in should be useful to the recipient as much as possible, I have had so many baskets around Christmas and I just don’t know what to do with them all.

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