When you care enough . . .

snowsceneYou’ve probably heard the Hallmark Cards slogan that says “When you care enough to send the very best…” I have a feeling that making the card yourself would probably mean the most, though. πŸ˜‰

I haven’t made many cards but I love to receive a handmade card and occasionally I have fun playing with pretty paper, rubber stamps, punched-out shapes, and ribbons. It takes me back to the time when, as a child, I’d watch Captain Kangaroo on TV. Does anyone know who the heck I’m talking about? LOL

That really was a long time ago, but the Captain used to pull out the colored paper, paste, and blunt edged scissors for a segment of the show he called “playtime”, where he’d demonstrate how to make something fun.


Lately, I’ve been entering my jewelry in The Play Date Cafe’s weekly Creativity Challenges, but since most of the others enter cards, I thought I’d try one this time.

Here’s my entry for Challenge #7 with the colors green, white, and red:

Brr card400

I love snowmen and when I saw that I had some appropriate buttons in my button box, I was off and running. The little guy needed a scarf to snuggle around his neck. I decided to use embroidery floss to crochet one. The hat is black felt and the trees were made with a Martha Stewart paper punch. With all that personality, I just knew he must have a heart. Luckily, I had a heart-shaped sequin for the finishing touch!

‘Til next time,



When you care enough . . . — 9 Comments

  1. Both are very creative. The earrings are GORGEOUS!!

    You know, I don’t remember all that about the Captain. Funny, I only recall his sets with Bunny Rabbit.

    XX, Carol

  2. You are certainly welcome to enter your earrings as well, Crystal…both projects are SO delightful!

    We love having you play with us each week in The Play Date Cafe.

  3. Oh, pick me pick me! I remember Captain Kangaroo and Mr Greenjeans too. I watched him faithfully for so many years….I use to love staying home sick from school and have an excuse to watch him even when I should have been too old for him….Not too many if ANY shows today are as good for our children these days…so hyper and loud and pushy! No wonder kids are hyper and have no manners anymore….well not all kids…those whose parents watched Captain Kangaroo are (were) ok too. πŸ™‚

  4. This is such a cute idea with the buttons for the snowman.. πŸ™‚ thanks for playing with us at the Cafe.. HUGS

    ~I have a new FREE Digital Stamp on my blog right now.. πŸ™‚

  5. Heh, Captain Kangaroo was before my time. But YES! on the handmade cards. It’s like a little present on its own!

    Email me your addy?<:) I'd love to send a card to you!

  6. OMG…did you ever strike a memory, but first let me tell you how adorable your handmade card is!!! I love it … I love everything you make! …now back to Captain Kangaroo, that was one of my favorite shows. I loved the moose and the bunny, and Mr Green Jeans, and the talking clock, and the ping pong balls…I wish I could find reruns of that one! Do you remember Diver Dan???? Hugs, xoxo

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