Fiesta Forever

The wonderful thing about doing these weekly challenges at the Play Date Cafe is that it pushes me to work with colors that I might not otherwise have chosen.


This week is a perfect example. I probably never would have blended these particular shades together – but I just LOVE the look! To me it seems very Mardi Gras or Tropical Island. In fact, all that keeps running through my head is the voice of Lionel Richie singing “We’re going to party…. fiesta, forever” 😀

Here’s my entry for Challenge #6. It’s brighter and has more sparkle than either photo shows, but here it is in two different lighting situations:


Fiesta Forever

Thanks again, Play Date Cafe, for helping me push the envelope in color selection.

It appears that an old dog can learn new tricks! 😉



Fiesta Forever — 9 Comments

  1. This is a gorgeous necklace! The colors work so well together and the pendant is beautiful!

  2. I really enjoy the addition to your blogging of your weekly contributions to the Play Date Cafe. The Play Date Cafe is cool. I enjoy seeing how you interpret the color scheme each week. Besides, I love to see how you use the beads you sell.

  3. OMG, this is gorgeous!!! I just love it! Those flowery beads with the crystal centers are so pretty, and so are those leaf beads, and that main drop bead…just everything…it’s beautiful!!! xoxo

  4. All those beads are beautiful, and look wonderful together. I’m so glad you liked this colour combo; I love that Lionel Richie song too!!

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