Would I like some cheese with my whine?

mermaid1Whew, it’s hot! If it were any muggier, we’d need an umbrella here. And to think I loved the summer when I was a kid!

Dear Husband says that talking about it makes you hotter. Maybe so, but it’s hard to ignore!

It’s been such a crazy busy week with a bonus of high humidity and some lost sleep.

On a nearby farm, there’s a rooster who must be drinking too much coffee! Several mornings he woke us long before dawn, not with just a few good crows – but dozens of them! We’ve decided it’s either too much caffeine or he’s auditioning for community theater. 😉


Then in the middle of the night on Saturday, one of our smoke detectors began to chirp. It’s electric but has a battery backup. I suppose it must be Murphy’ s Law that it can’t signal its departure at a decent time of the day???

After all, we’d been up for 16 hrs on Saturday!!! There was ample opportunity for it to chirp if desired. Instead, we’d only been asleep for a couple of hours when it began – every . . . forty . . . seconds!!!

After a bleary-eyed look at the manual, we discovered that if not stopped, it was prepared to chirp every 40 seconds for a WEEK!


But you don’t want to hear me whine. I should just answer the weekly questions, right? 😀

Ok, Favorite birthday memory . . .

I think I’d have to say it was my 13th birthday. I was happy to finally be a teenager and delighted that my friends (already teens) got together and planned a little party for me.

Frosting roses; Love them or hate them?

Absolutely loved them as a kid!!!! Now? Well, as Carol says, it depends on where they come from. A real buttercream frosting rose is so good, but save me from those sugared lard imposter roses!

lemonadeStay cool wherever you are!

Wish I could just reach out and offer you a nice frosty glass of lemonade!



Would I like some cheese with my whine? — 7 Comments

  1. I realized today that it’s been four days since I actually left my house except to water my vegetables in the mornings. Then I walked outside and knew why.

    The best thing I ever did for my productivity was get a mini desk fan. When there’s a fan to sit right in front of, suddenly my earring output goes through the roof …

  2. Hi Crystal!!
    Lard or Buttercreme…why didn’t my brain think of that!! That is exactly the difference between a pretty to look at and a pretty to look at and great to eat rose decoration!!!

    We had an anniversary cake from my fav bakery. There were at least 6 pieces left when I went to bed the other night. I came home from work and a cup of coffee and piece of cake sounded so good. What! Gone! six pieces of cake! The kids had a snack!! I asked if they ate the frosting too. Yes. I asked if they felt energetic!! Luckily the sugar high wore off before I got home.

    Terribly humid here also, but humidity to subside today. This is my kind of weather.

    Have a great day!!

  3. ….it’s really hot and muggy here on Long Island too! I wish I could reach in and take a nice frosty glass of lemonade! Have a great day Crystal! Hugs, Paulette :o)

  4. We don’t have the searing high temps other places are having, but our whining has been from way to much rain…AGAIN THIS YEAR! I can sympathize with you about the crows and roosters…we’ve owned the bugger that gets to crowing at 3:30 in the morning, and we too have had the chirping smoke alarm…like you say…it’s never happened during the day…only when we are in a deep sleep….very good writing!

  5. Frosting roses…frosting in general… I’ve never been a fan of frosting. Too sugary! I baffled my parents growing up, because I didn’t care for ice cream, chocolate, or frosting. And I loved carrots and spinach!

    As far as favorite birthday memories go, I’ve got to go for a cliche – my fiance proposed to me on my birthday. That’s got to be tops.

    I hope you get sleep soon! I hear the rooster issue – my cat doesn’t quite qualify as a rooster, but she likes to yowl at the door in the morning…sometimes starting at 3 in the morning!

  6. Haha – we have chickens on our farm…and a rooster. I have to say when we first got them, I about wanted to strangle that sucker almost every morning!! Especially when they meandered right under my bedroom window…grrr! I have even heard him crow in the middle of the night! But now I’ve gotten quite used to him, and rather like a ticking clock, I think I would miss the noise if he were gone.

    We just had some much needed rain here, cooling off from our mega-heat wave, and helping put out some off the many forest fires – thank goodness! Hope you get a break soon, too!

  7. The weather here in houston, tx is terrible too! I hate it! 🙁

    Aww that memory is awww haha 🙂

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