Shower of Love

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to a wedding shower on Sunday. The sweet couple are my nephew (who is also my godson) and the very lovely girl he will marry in August.

It was a great party with lots of special touches from the decorations to the party favors!

The bride has loved the beach since she was a little girl and so the theme was: “A Day at the Beach”.

The table centerpieces actually had sand from her favorite beach! (Click photos to enlarge.)


There were beach umbrellas festooned with gorgeous fresh flowers!


The umbrellas were anchored in colorful beach pails.


The atmosphere was airy and bright with a gentle breeze that was, well, “beach-like”. đŸ˜‰


We enjoyed tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas and lots of good food!


There was chatting and smiling and laughter . . .

and there was most definitely – LOVE!



Shower of Love — 6 Comments

  1. What a neat theme. Its been forever since I went to a real shower. They have gotten so casual here, or maybe our family has. I remember going to showers with my mom. Showers held in a hall with tons of friends and family in attendance. Maybe we just have less friends than our parents did.

    anyway, looks like you had a nice time.

  2. What wonderful decorations! Clever and pretty at the same time. I love the touches of sand and shells around the patio umbrella and the beach pails. That patio setting is lovely…was it at a restaurant?

  3. That is really cool – I love how they used the striped umbrella’s and the sand – great ideas. Thanks for sharing – sounds like you all had fun.

  4. How GORGEOUS!

    I wish I could have went all out for my shower like that! Those are pictures worth keeping! (Might even make nice prints!)

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