Kissin’ Cousins

Yesterday, I was visiting Shelley’s blog and saw that she had posted the sweetest photo of herself as a little girl! It inspired me to search for one of my own.

In today’s world of digital photography, where we can easily have staggering numbers of pictures, it’s hard to remember that time – not so long ago – when photos were an expensive luxury!

Here is one that I treasure . . .


Click and click again to enlarge

My cousin and I are close in age and I’m guessing that we are around three years old here. We’re sitting in front of the house where I lived. My Aunt, the little boy’s Mom, gave this picture to me several years ago. I had never seen it before then. She told me that right before the photo was taken, she asked my cousin to give me a little kiss!

Hope it brought a smile to your Wednesday. 🙂



Kissin’ Cousins — 5 Comments

  1. Cute pic. You are lucky to have pics of you as a child. I only remember the school pics, Communion, etc. Where are they?

  2. this is the sweetest photo ever! I love everything about it, even the crack on the bottom step 🙂

    it totally has that “feel good, love life” vibe to it.

  3. This photo is so cute!!!!!! It seems a “put” (I don’t think it was called this way in English… well a photo made by a professional photographer I mean…

    Thnks for sharing!

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