Never met a bookstore I didn’t love…

Our oldest daughter is a journalist and while we can’t keep up with everything she has published, we try to read as much of her work as possible. She recently wrote an article for a Canadian travel magazine and although we live in the U.S., we had heard that it might be available at one of our local bookstores. Finding the magazine was the goal for our Saturday morning.

We began by going out for breakfast! 🙂

OK, I hear you saying: “Huh? What does going out for breakfast have to do with it?”

Well nothing really 😉 except we enjoy a leisurely meal at a restaurant and we’ve discovered that breakfast is not only an economical choice (usually less expensive than lunch or dinner) but it’s also fun to have a great big menu of choices for breakfast now and then!

Besides that, we know that making a plan to go out for breakfast on a Saturday helps us to jump out of bed with a little more enthusiasm. Otherwise, we’re tempted to sleep late just because it’s the weekend.


So after breakfast, we visited a few bookstores and a magazine shop. There was only one copy of the magazine to be found anywhere, and that was in the magazine shop. The owner told us that he only gets a single copy in an assortment of foreign magazines, so we felt pretty lucky it was still there!

With our goal accomplished, you’d probably figure that we’d be heading home next. . .

Well, not exactly. I must confess that bookstores and magazine shops are to me what chocolate or shoes or lottery tickets might be to others – I can’t just look briefly and then leave.

Exhibit A:


I found this really cool bead magazine that’s published in England. It has some great projects and helpful tips and I know I’ll find it valuable!

Exhibit B:


Then, in one of the bookstores, I just had to peruse the “bargain books”. I came across this for $5.95! I’ve always loved to read anything and everything that takes place during the time of the Tudor Dynasty in England, including fiction and nonfiction about Henry VIII, any of his wives, his daughter Elizabeth I, her cousin Mary Queen of Scots – well you get the idea. Although I haven’t started it yet, this book looks quite good! I’ll let you know for sure once I’ve read it.

Do you have a weakness for books, too? 😉

If not, what is it that you can’t seem to resist?



Never met a bookstore I didn’t love… — 7 Comments

  1. There are only two ways I will go into a bookstore: 1) If I know exactly what I want. Then I focus on that, and normally can get out okay. 2) If I don’t know what I want, I bring someone with me to stage an intervention if I try to buy the whole store.

  2. Well, I like to start off a leisurely Saturday outing with breakfast out also. See, sisters separated at birth! Yep, give me a book store and I’ll be there forever. I don’t read novels too much anymore. Not much time. But I love to look at the New Age section. But I love magazines. I just bought the Life (I think it is Life) that has pics of special places in each state. I didn’t even think twice about the price, the pics are amazing. Then there are bead mags, quilt mags and of course birds or gardening for bird attraction.

    Of course my other addiction is beads. Unfortunately there are only two bead shops in my area. Its just not the same shopping Ebay or Etsy.

    O, I really like Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market in South Bend, (not to be confused with the tourist attraction farmers market in Elkhart)

    Congrats on finding the mag with your daughter’s article.

  3. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to go out for breakfast! You’re right – it is less expensive – plus you’re not tempted to get dessert. Add bonus – it won’t interfere w/ baby’s naptime because she just woke up!

  4. I was banned from bookstores as a child the way other kids were not allowed to go into video games shops or clothing stores. My parents simply couldn’t afford the damage I could do in just one trip. I do love the library as well…but there is just something so wonderful about holding a book in my grubby little hands and screaming to the world, “It is mine and I don’t have to give it back.”

  5. by any chance was the bookstore you went to a barnes & noble? i work at one & i recognize both the magazine & the book from the bargain section….

  6. Now that I got the idea I think I’m commenting at the right place for your recent giveaway. Actually I have gone back to read all your writings. I just found your blog a couple of days ago. My late husband and I always perused bookstores. My whole house is full of old books. And my daughter was a TV reporter, so I can relate to this article.

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