Special Corner

Do you have a special corner in your home?

You know – a little spot that makes you smile when you see it? Maybe you’ve taken special care to decorate it exactly the way you want it to be.

It could be the cozy place where you curl up to read, or the sun porch where you have your morning coffee. For me, it’s a corner of our dining area that’s filled with things I love – art, dolls, and a bone china tea set.

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But the thing I love most about this corner is the tea cart.


It originally belonged to my great-grandaunt (my grandfather’s aunt). I love the fact that this little piece of furniture was used by a family member many decades ago. It represents the connection between generations – the circle of life. I treasure it almost more than anything else I own.

And of course, it’s wonderful that it fits right in with my passion for collecting teacups!

The rest of our house could definitely use some re-decorating, but this little oasis is still a breath of fresh air for me. 🙂



Special Corner — 4 Comments

  1. Crystal, this is a really sweet corner. I’m always amazed that someone can actually live in a home with pretty, delicate decorations. It would take about 10 seconds for my German Shepherd to walk over to that doll and give her a sniff, turn around to leave and swish that tea set right to the floor with his tail. I used to have a monkey lamp.

  2. We have a spare bedroom, I have all my teddy bears sitting on a hope chest my husband bought for me before we got married. The bed is an antique iron bed and I have antique child’s toys and an old school desk in that room. It looks so cute and it brings peace to me after a crazy day.

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