Even Faded Photographs Can Make You Smile

Studies suggest that perusing your collection of photos can be an ideal way to de-stress!

I don’t know about you but with Christmas just a couple of weeks away I need all the relaxing moments I can get right now. There’s still so much to finish – my lists have lists!

What to do? Well, I decided to test the relaxation theory by pulling out an old photo album. I have to say that the following trio of photos made me forget about my to-do list – at least for a few moments. πŸ˜‰

I found 3 cute photos of my Dad and his sisters. The first one was taken when they were children, the second as young adults, and the last one when they were close to retirement age. It touches my heart that I have this record of the three of them posing together over such a span of years!

My Dad and his Sisters

1. As Children in the 1930’s….


2. As Young Adults in 1946 (My Dad is 20 and his sisters are teenagers.)


3. And as Grandparents in the 1980’s (In this photo, the 2 sisters have reversed their standing positions – each is on the opposite side of where she stood in the two previous photos above.)


So, now I can highly recommend curling up with your favorite photos whenever you need to unwind. πŸ™‚

I’ll bet you have some sweet ones, some funny ones, and some you absolutely cherish!

Feel free to share them here if you like! I’d be happy to post any that are sent in.




Even Faded Photographs Can Make You Smile — 6 Comments

  1. Crystal, those are some great photos! You have a very goodlooking family there! Is that you in the last photo?

    I love pulling out my old pictures sometimes…especially when I’m missing a loved one that has passed. It brings back sweet memories and makes me smile. I’ve got a collage of old photos that hang on my wall in my dining room. They are old pics of my parents and grandparents (Craig’s too.) I took some old frames, painted them black and hung them with ribbon from a round curtain rod. It was so easy to make! Oh, and I love looking at the clothes they wore and how they did their hair!

    Thanks for sharing your photos!
    hugs! πŸ™‚

    ps: I’ve got one of those list that have lists too! LOL

  2. Hi Brenda!
    You are first to comment this time. πŸ˜€

    I am not in the photos. After reading your comment, I realized I was not clear enough in my description so I edited my post to say that all three photos are of the same people – My Dad and his 2 sisters (my aunts!) at different periods of time.

    I just love your family photo collage idea! I know what you mean about the clothes and hairstyles! My own daughters are amazed when they look at old photos and see how “dressed-up” people seemed. There were no torn t-shirts or frayed jeans back then. Part of me would love to have had the chance to wear the elegant skirts and the hats! But I would definitely want to skip the outdoor plumbing! LOL πŸ˜‰

  3. I have been looking at the old Christmas photos of my husband and I. My to do list is waiting until after my last final this week. I have got the tree up and some of the other decorations.
    We attended the Jingle Bell Dog walk and the boys won the most original costume contest. They both wore reindeer ears, but had homemade harnesses on, and pulled an old wagon with a huge stuffed dog dressed up in a holiday hat.
    So far I have 3 A’s. I had big presentation on Friday worth 200 points and I don’t have a grade for it yet.
    I hope everyone is enjoying some of the preparations for the season.

  4. Hi there, Kelly! πŸ™‚
    It’s so romantic that you are looking at Christmas photos of you and your husband!
    You’ve given me an idea. Someday, it would be fun to gather all the Christmas pix of my guy and me and put them in a special little album! πŸ™‚

    Your dogs have SO much fun! I’ll bet they looked cute as can be all dressed up for the Jingle Bell Dog Walk. πŸ˜€

    We went to a Christmas party last Saturday and had a lovely time. Today, we bought our Christmas stamps so I’ll be working on Christmas cards pretty soon.

    (I’m betting you get 200 points on your presentation – or VERY close to it!)

  5. Handsome family there, Crystal.

    Don’t you wish people still dressed like your Aunts did. We have turned into a nation of sloppy dressers (myself included). I think it happened around Casual Friday time. Now you see people in attire that resembles pajamas out in public!!

    How have you been? Making any new crafty items or are you done for the year? I am still sewing. Trying to use up as many scraps as possible.

  6. Hi Donna,
    So true! A few years ago, we were making an album for my parents’ 50th anniversary and we looked at dozens of old photos of them taken while they were dating. They looked so nicely dressed – pressed clothes, shined shoes, even cute little hats! We asked them if the pictures were snapped during special dates and they answered that they were just out for a car ride on a sunny day, or maybe on the way to get an ice cream cone. We were amazed.

    As you say, it’s really too bad that we see so many “pajama”-clad people running around today. It’s important to be comfortable but surely that doesn’t mean pajamas at the mall! πŸ˜‰

    I have made a few things this month but they are for gifts and with the rush to get things finished and wrapped – I didn’t get photos. πŸ™

    Thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜€

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