Ah Ah Ah Choo

Hi Kids!

Don’t be afraid. The squeaky voice you hear really is me, Crystal.

I sound like “Miss Kitty” from the old TV show, Gunsmoke.

(Hope some of you are old enough to remember Kitty.) 😉

I’ve had sort of a laryngitis/cold thing going on, here. Christmas was wonderful but I went through most of it feeling under the weather.

It began a week before the holidays when Sir Beads developed a raspy throat. I tried my best, but wasn’t able to escape getting it, too. Just around the time Santa and the reindeer left the North Pole, I succumbed. We’re getting better now, but if I never see another cough drop, it will be too soon!


Enough about that. I’m really here to chat with you kids one more time before the year ends! 🙂

I want to wish all of you a Happy, Healthy, Creative, Prosperous, and Fun-filled New Year!!!

(See you early next week with the next Bead Challenge!) 😀




Ah Ah Ah Choo — 8 Comments

  1. Happy New Year, Crissie.
    Sorry you have been under the weather. But you know, the days are getting longer and Spring is on the way!!
    xx, Carol

  2. I hope you feel 100% soon. It seems that I’m the only one escaping the bugs going around. I know so many who are sick or are just now recovering.
    Tomorrow night we will be at a friend’s ringing in the new year till the wee hours. Hubs and I do it every year.
    Take care everyone. Have a wonderful New Year’s Weekend.

  3. At least you can chat online and not bother the throat more :)Hope you had a great holiday inspite of sickness.

  4. Dear Miss Kitty
    Last week I was Miss Poopy Girl! Whew, the stomach just wouldn’t cooperate. But 24 hours later I was feeling up to par and out shopping!

    Take care and feel better.


  5. Oh my, Miss Clenna!
    Thank Heaven you felt better quickly!
    What’s with the holidays and feeling under the weather, anyway?
    It must be the stress.
    Hugs and Happy New Year! xoxo

  6. Good point, Michelle!
    It’s comforting to know you can hear me, even if I can’t talk! LOL
    We did have a very nice Christmas. Hope all is well up there. I hear it’s very COLD!!!
    Stay snuggled and warm!

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