Holiday Rushing – Hit Pause

Remember I mentioned that when it comes to holiday bustle, I want to take it down a notch this year?

Well, it’s going fairly well so far . . .

In fact, I can honestly say I’m hitting the old “pause button” much more often than in the past.

Sure, I still have moments when I feel nervous that Christmas is almost here . . . but suddenly it seems easier to rationalize that I’m in this for the joy – not the stress.


And nothing helps me take a deep relaxing breath quicker than making something! It truly is amazing how an hour of creativity can fortify me for several hours of gift shopping at the mall.

I found a couple of quick and easy ornaments to complete.

Here’s my take on Whiskers and Wool’s “Ringing in Christmas” ornament series.


And even in the final hours before Dec. 25th, there’s time for this quickie! Simply make a long crocheted chain, gather it into into loops, and add a bow!

Cute as can be to tie to a box of candy or bottle of spirits for an easy, yet very thoughtful, gift! 🙂

Whether you are crafting little “somethings” or just pausing for a cocoa-break, I hope you’re making it a point to stop and smell those evergreens!

‘Til next time,



Holiday Rushing – Hit Pause — 5 Comments

  1. The second wreath is cute, but that first one is so STUNNING! Not only the pattern, but the way you embellished it and your color choices.

    I’m just not making anything for Christmas, as far as ornies. Its a bad time of the year for that ~lol~ meaning this is wrestling season. Do you know that tournaments last ALL day!! Cuts the weekend really short. But what’s more important…Christmas hustle and bustle, or showing my favorite wrestler support! Yah, that’s what I thought too!
    Merry Christmas!
    xx, Carol

    Crystal says: You are so right, Carol!
    Supporting your sweet grandson IS the spirit of Christmas! 😀

    (Thanks for your compliments on my little wreaths! xoxo)

  2. Crystal, your wreaths are SO pretty! Very beautifully done!
    I’m in awe of your crochet skills. I tried to crochet a few times, but could never get the hang of it….guess I’ll stick to jewelry. lol 🙂
    Merry Christmas!!

    Crystal says: Hi Brenda!
    Thank you – but I’ll bet you would crochet as beautifully as you bead if you had a friend nearby to get you started!

    (I owe you an email!!!! Soon, I promise!!! xoxo 🙂

  3. I LOVE the first wreath! It is so pretty.

    I just made my first wreath ever from scratch and hung it on my door last night. I forgot to buy craft wire so I hope my improvising holds up through the holiday. Here it is:

    Crystal says: Hi Yona! your wreath is beautiful!!! I think that gold is especially elegant for Christmas. I’ll bet you get lots of compliments on it. And how fun that you can say “I made it myself.” xoxo

  4. Your ornaments are just amazing.
    Carol, I can understand how much time it takes for sports. Hubs plays hockey and sometimes I wonder how it can take so much time.

    I’m almost ready, I have to get thru finals this week. Then on Friday it is my birthday, so I will celebrate the end of finals and my b-day.

    I won my dad a Lindt chocolate bear basket last week on twitter during one of times I was relaxing. He will be so excited, he adored Lindt chocolate. I’m keeping the stuffed bear though.

    I hope everyone is staying warm and dry,

    Crystal says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kelly!!!! 😀 Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend! (Might as well celebrate all weekend long!)

    Yay for your Dad! I’m a big fan of Lindt, too – especially the hazlenut truffles. 😉 xoxo

  5. Oh thank you Crystal…that’s so sweet of you to say!
    no hurries on the email…it’s Christmas time.

    To Yona, I love your gold wreath! What a lovely job you did…I would’ve never known it was your 1st one to make. 🙂

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