Uh-oh . . .

Friday Greetings!

Let’s begin with a pretty picture and then move on to a funny story, ok? 🙂


Our miniature lilac surrounded by some of my favorite irises.


Sometimes I’m amazed at how goofy I can be. 😉

I blame it on my multi-tasking gene.

For example . . .

I have one of those computer desks (It’s ancient!) that has a built-in space for the printer located right beside the monitor. It’s a convenient spot – no reaching under the desk, or walking across the room to fetch a printed document. I also like that the paper is right at my fingertips should I need to snag a piece for a hand-written note.

It all sounds innocent enough but, believe me; I can turn something simple into chaos at the blink of an eye. The other day, as I was selecting some vintage glass beads for a custom jewelry order, the phone rang. To complete the call, I had to get online and check a file. I absent-mindedly put the beads down on the stack of printer paper. (Bear in mind, the paper is halfway in the machine – all ready to print when needed. I should also mention that these were not only vintage beads, but RARE vintage beads.)

I finished my phone call and then decided I wanted to print the file I had been viewing . . .

All of a sudden (and of course a millisecond too late), I realized what was about to happen!!!!! The beads were on their way through the printer!!!!! I couldn’t stop them.


My heart sank.

Usually, Sir Beads is my mechanical guru but he wasn’t home at the time. I couldn’t wait. I just had to see if I could salvage the beads – not to mention the printer!

I unplugged it, turned it upside down, and tried to figure out how to take it apart without breaking it. After several minutes of struggling, would you believe the small zip lock bag of beads popped right out? Incredibly, they were not damaged! I guess the slippery plastic bag helped them slide past the paper rollers without being crushed.

Next, while holding my breath, I tested the printer. It was ok, as well. Talk about lucky! The file I had printed was a crumpled up mess but that was “small potatoes”, as my Dad would say.

I felt pretty dumb relaying the story to hubby that night, but he just smiled and shook his head.

He’s used to it by now. 😉

Enjoy the weekend!




Uh-oh . . . — 6 Comments

  1. The flowers are just beautiful. What a peaceful view when you look out the window. I have alot of green since the trees all have their leaves. It smells so good especially after a good rain.

    You lucked out on the beads and printer. My husband is the fix-it man around here. Tonight it was the garage door that wouldn’t go down automatically. Its always something.

    Today’s celebrations
    6/10 Iced Tea Day (I’m making peach iced tea)
    6/10 National Black Cow Day (these are also known as rootbeer floats)
    6/10 Ball Point Pen Day (first patented on June 10, 1940)

    6/11 Hug Holiday (this is a very important day so I’m posting it)
    Here is a virtual hug for all the freinds I have made on this blog {{HUGS}}

  2. Cute story!! Stuff like that happens to me all the time. Really, it does. I’m not good with machines. Its embedded in my mind. My mother used to tell me that I could break anything, even the toilet flusher. It gave me a complex that I have never been able to overcome. I feel so accomplished by completing even the smallest mechanical task.

    But I do have advice to you, sis. Sloooooow Down! Quit that multi-tasking. You’re retired now!!

    O, just thought I’d mention that cool rainy weather is headed your way.
    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  3. Oh Kelly!
    I love a root beer float! Haven’t had one since last summer so I’m going to be sure I have what I need to make them on my grocery list! 😀

    HUGS for all!!! 😀

  4. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe the lilac and irises! I didn’t read the caption first and had to do a double-take… I thought I recognized the backyard but haven’t seen those flowers in bloom for years… (I know the layout of those tree trunks like the back of my hand, though!) 😉 Gorgeous!

  5. Smiles, Melissa! 🙂
    Those irises disappear in the blink of an eye. It’s amazing how one day they are perfection and then poof – they’re all gone by! We need to have the camera at the ready or there’s no chance for a photo!

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