Clenna Continues to Cook!

Greetings Kids!
Here in New England, This past weekend was truly the nicest of the year – crisp air, blue skies, and temps around 70º!

I was a happy camper! 😀

On Saturday, we took a drive to Cape Cod and spent some quality time with the family. Sunday turned out to be chores day but with such beautiful weather, we flew through that old “to-do list” in record time.

How about you? What were you up to?


Clenna sent us another money-saving recipe!

Well, I’ll let her tell ya about it . . .

Clenna says:

“I found another one! It looks very easy and seems very economical.”

Dorito Shepherd’s Pie


1 lb. ground beef, browned, drained

2 packages instant potatoes, four cheese flavor (betty crocker is good)

1 can corn

Doritos (any flavor, but I prefer nacho cheese)

Shredded cheese such as cheddar or colby jack


Find a casserole dish and start layering with ground beef, then mashed potatoes, cheese, corn, more ground beef, potatoes, cheese. Then crush Doritos on top and bake at 350 for approximately 20 minutes.

Recipe from here

“Also called ‘David’s Junk’. (But I didn’t like that name so I renamed it!”)


(Thanks so much , Clenna, for sharing the recipe! (Your name for it is much better!) 😉




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  1. LOL!! Clenna, so glad you renamed your recipe!!

    Hey, Crystal. You asked what did I do over the weekend. It was so hot in my parts that I spent 2 days in a half slip pulled up to you know where. And I sewed, ran errands, put flowers in the front, ran the vacuum, ate out twice (too hot to cook). Much cooler now. So I guess I will go put on some clothes. Can’t go Krogering naked. 😀

  2. Oh no, Donna!
    We usually get your weather a couple of days later, so I guess I should make sure we have plenty of ice!

    Both dogs are so sweet! People just love to show their children and their pets as profile pictures on facebook! Some continually change their avatars. Hooray for digital cameras. 😀

  3. Hi All

    Well, thanks for the recipe Clenna. I think it sounds like something that I could prepare and have the boys pop in the oven for lunch.

    Our weather here has either been almost 90 or more. Crazy weather around this country this year, and other countries too according to some of my blog friends!

    xx, Carol

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend Crystal.

    I started class today so I’m running behind. Its only one class in stats so I should be able to handle it.

    We were riding Saturday night to dinner with friends and it was a beautiful night to ride.

    Clenna, this recipe looks like another winner. Doritos are one of my favorite chips too.

    Today’s Celebrations
    6/6 National Yo-Yo Day
    6/6 Drive-in Movie Day
    6/6 National Applesauce Cake Day
    6/6 D-Day (Since the Normandy invasion, June 6, 1944 has been known in World War II history as “D-Day.” )

  5. I am going to pass the recipe on to a friend who loves Shepherd’s Pie, this looks like a good & easy version.

    I had a busy weekend, horse shows are in full swing! Although I am not showing this year, I am working—-I can’t turn down work if there is work to be had. I worked Sat. trimming up horses for a big local show that started today and will run through Sat. Then Sat. night, I drove to a show 2 hrs. north of here and braided 13 horses that showed on Sun. (up all night), then I drove home on Sun. Whew!!
    This morning I only had 1 to braid, thankfully the show is less than 10 minutes from my house. I will have a bunch to do later in the week.
    Hopefully I will catch up on sleep next week!!!

  6. Whew, Allison!
    I’m tired just reading about that schedule! And there’s not much down time when you’re home with a baby. Hope you can sleep when he does.

    How wonderful that the work is something you love. 🙂

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