The Times They Are A-Changin’

It occurred to me the other day that I no longer wear a watch.

The crazy thing is – I have no idea when I stopped!

Remember several years ago when having a collection of modestly priced watches became popular? It was fun to have a variety of choices to coordinate with your wardrobe – gold, silver, casual, dressy!

And remember how we all learned to pull out the stem on a watch, if it wasnโ€™t being worn, so as not to wear out the battery? Now that was a valuable tip.

I may not know when I stopped bothering with my watch, but I think I’ve figured out why!

It was my cell phone. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once that phone was in the picture, I must have gradually become less concerned about popping on a watch on my way out the door. Makes sense! Whenever Iโ€™m in a situation where I might not be near a clock, I usually have my cell phone with me – and it’s just as easy to take a peek at the phone for the time.

OK. Mystery solved!

Thereโ€™s just one problem.

I have this little drawer full of pretty watches with their stems pulled out . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰


Do you wear a watch?




The Times They Are A-Changin’ — 12 Comments

  1. I have never liked wearing a watch because the time seemed too move to slowly when I had one on since I was always looking at it. The work days move tooo sloooow when I wear a watch. I don’t carry a cell phone either, I always felt that I couldn’t escape when I had a cell phone so I got rid of it. I have embraced all the other technological wonders such as internet, GPS, and my ipod but the cell phone is the exception.

    Today’s Celebrations include:
    4/14 International Moment of Laughter Day
    4/14 National Pecan Day (This is one of the few nuts I do not like, I hope others enjoy it)
    4/14 Look up at the Sky Day (‘Ya never know what might be going on up there)

    Maybe you can look up at the sky, and laugh at the same time while eating pecans thus combining all the celebrations into one.

  2. Good one, Kel!
    I’ll go for look up at the sky day. But you know, I do that a lot anyway. I love the sky, whether its a clear blue one, white fluffy cloud one, or rolling stormy sky.

    I used to die without having my watch on. I’m a stickler to be on time. Not so much anymore. Whenever I get there, I have arrived. But there’s a clock in my car, on my computer and a little one in front of the TV. I have that drawer full of cute or pretty watches too. Someday, I may think of some crafty thing to do with them and all the cool watchbands I made for them!!

    Hey Kelly, is there a Don’t Look At The Clock Day?
    Have a good one!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Kelly – no cell – OMG I couldn’t live without mine.

    But watches, oh yeah, I own about 20 of them! All in a drawer. I have cute ones, stylish ones and very pretty ones and one practical one that I wore the most. But I haven’t worn a watch in years!

    That’s one of signs of the younger generation – no watch, only cells. So Crystal – you are in the younger generation!! And Kelly – you float between the two.

  4. I don’t wear a watch. I have a nice watch but I really don’t like the feeling of anything around my wrist. (Except for a ponytail elastic band, somehow that doesn’t bother me. I have even been known to sleep with one on my wrist!) But no to watches and bracelets. My husband is one of those people that have strange energy and can kill a watch battery in a week. I also have a friend that way, too! It is not worth it to constantly replace batteries in his watch so he doesn’t wear one, either. Thank goodness for cell phones! I can’t go anywhere without mine.

    The sky here is clear blue without a cloud! But storms are predicted to roll in tonight and tomorrow.

    How do you pronounce pecan? Pee-Kahn, Pee-Can, P’Khan or P’Can?

  5. Allison,
    I say Pee-Can.
    You’d think I would say Pee-Kahn though, because, with my Boston accent, I say “haahhhfff” for the word “half”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I wear a watch, but do not use it to tell the time. I’ve worn the same watch for about 10 years – it was a present from my sweetie and it not only goes with everything, but it has sentimental value and I feel ‘naked’ without it. The band is really nice and shiny, so it sometimes looks like a bracelet. Plus, I have a habit of wearing the clock part on the inside of my wrist, and it looks even more like a bracelet.

    I am also notorious for telling the time on my cell phone. People will say “you have a watch on right there, why don’t you check that?” or even “don’t you know how to tell time?” but I insist on using the cell phone.

  7. Yona,
    Three cheers for your Sweetie for giving you such a pretty watch!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I totally understand about favoring a gift from your Sweetheart.

    I have a bunch of bracelets, but I always seem to wear one that Sir Beads surprised me with on a Valentine’s Day years ago.

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