Almost Wordless Wednesday

Is it an alien being from a 1950’s sci-fi movie?

Or maybe the antiquated equipment used by my childhood dentist?

Why, no! It’s my brand new OttLite – complete with magnifying lens and page holder!!!

Woo hoo! My eyes are already thanking me for purchasing this lamp. If you’re not familiar with OttLites – they give a bright, very natural light – so important when crafting. I can even turn it into a floor model by popping in the extra piece of pipe that’s included. I was so lucky to get this on sale for a fraction of the retail price. 😀





Almost Wordless Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. That is a great light for those of you who do wonderful crafts especially since it will hold instructions, and it has magnifying capabilities. Congratulations on your fantastic score, since it was on sale. I like that you can make it a floor lamp too, I don’t have anything that versatile. One thing that has helped me is my new laptop with the lighted keyboard. It has made a huge difference and I don’t have to strain my eyes in lowlight.
    Today’s celebrations include:
    3/30 I am in Control Day (my dogs are rolling on the floor laughing as I type this)
    3/30 Take a Walk in the Park Day
    3/30 Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day (day created to inspire people to be happy with what they have, rather than to be selfish, greedy and envious of other people).
    3/30 Turkey Neck Soup Day ( I’ll pass)

  2. Hi Crissie
    This is a cool tool!! I love my ott lights, though I have wanna be’s from Menards. The magnifier and paper holder are a plus.

    I am in control day…well, I’ll pass because I try NOT to be in control and defer to others. Its hard for me. And I definitely pass on Turkey Neck Soup. (That part goes in the trash!!)

    So I choose to celebrate the grass is brown day. Which usually is the case so I will especially remember that today. Thanks Kellie.
    Happy Spring everyone,

  3. Wow nice light ,i have an older one.Also i have a light from walmart with magnifier and tube light around it.They are so handy and ive always had good vision but now at 44 im starting to have trouble threading needles etc.

    Thanks for the messages on my blog guys.I havnt had much sleep due to thinking too much but im hoping everyones positive thoughts will get my family through this hard time.

  4. What a neat light! I’m sure the natural light is great on the eyes.

    Robert has some alien looking nightlights in his nursery that I just love. Oxo makes them, they are called Candela Tooli lights. They look weird but have enough light for a diaper change without waking him up and stay lit all night. I saw them in a baby magazine and had to have them!

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