Guessing Games

Great guesses, Kids!

But Carapace is correct. 😀

They are “bones” and Sir Beads’ grandfather made them.

According to this excerpt from

“Second to that of the human voice, “musical bones” are the oldest instruments known to man throughout the anatomy of music and sound.”


They’re played by holding them between the fingers of one hand, and clacking them together in a rhythmical motion to make a sound. Originally, they might have been made of real animal bones or stone. Perhaps you’ve seen someone playing spoons – another way to make percussion sounds with something inexpensive and readily available!

Sadly, I never met Grandfather “Beads”, but I’ve heard delightful stories about him. When he was close to eighty years old, he would entertain his grandkids (including Sir Beads) by standing on his head!!! He was a talented woodcraftsmen. We have a beautiful table with curved legs that he made as a wedding present for his daughter (Sir Beads’ Mom).

We’re fortunate to have old photos of some dollhouses that he made.

Although these pictures are showing their age (dated 1932), I think you can get an idea of how nice the dollhouses must have been.


Thanks for playing along on this. Actually, it gave me a new idea for Show and Tell Tuesday. We should all look to see if we can find something we can use as a “Guess what this is!”. 😀

And for more info on “bones”: Click here.



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  1. WOW, look at those houses! I’m always amazed by the levels of craft people put into stuff they just made all the time.

    There’s a guy who comes by the local Pioneer Village at holidays and plays period instruments, and he always has the bones. They’re really versatile in the hands of a good player!

    And I’m all for Guess the Photo posts! That’s fun!

  2. Bones..I have seen them played in old movies, but didn’t really know what they looked like. Hoo-da thunk it.

    The doll houses are wonderful. Here’s a secret. I ALWAYS wanted a doll house and never had one. I always wanted to put wall paper on the walls and make and collect all the miniture things to decorate it. I guess I never did it because I have no where safe to display it.

    Cool Game, Crissie!

  3. Sir Bead’s grandfather sound like he was as talented as he was fun. I love the doll houses and I have one of a log cabin to match my real log home. I didn’t even know there was a musical instrument called “bones.” I will have to see if youtube has a video of someone playing them so I can hear what they sound like.

    Speaking of bones, I hope everyone remembers its Int’l Dog Bone Appreciate day! My dogs are loving their homemade cheese biscuits that I won from a dog bakery.

  4. What a nice story!! I had no idea what they were. I thought maybe shoe thingys to help put your shoes on. I can see them used as a musical instrument.

    Your hubby’s grandfather was ONE talented man!! Thanks for taking us down memory lane.

  5. What BEAUTIFUL doll houses! Grampa Beads was such a talented man. I wonder if any of those houses are still around. I certainly hope so! xo Paulette

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