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It’s crazy here . . .

My list of things to do before Christmas is not shrinking fast enough….

I’m not sure how, but I’ve hurt my shoulder and that’s really slowing me down . . .

Then, this morning, the elves announced that they are on strike! (They mumbled something about not enough vacation time.) 😉

So, I’ve been trying to find a couple of calm moments to reenergize.

A little “easy” crochet usually helps . . .

And is it me, or does this bracelet I made last week seem like a good match? I swear I didn’t plan it (again!).

Is it busy there?

Are your elves carrying signs?




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  1. GREAT match!!

    Nope, my elves didn’t show up this year so I AM on strike!! And it might just be my best Christmas in years. Stress free and enjoying the time spent with my grandkids. They keep us hopping and on the run to this and that. I know my limits!!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Beautiful bracelet!

    Oh yeah, it is crazy around here! Of course I suggested that we have a get together at our house on Thursday for all of my husband’s family (Could be over 20 people) Silly me, I kinda forgot that I have a 10 week old baby! Dumb move on my part, hopefully they won’t be expecting much out of me.
    I still have some Christmas shopping to do! Not to mention cleaning, grocery shopping, wrapping & cooking!! It will all turn out fine though, it always does. 🙂

    I hope everyone has a safe & Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh my, my living room is filled with gifts waiting to be wrapped. So maybe a few each evening will get it done. Babysitting 3 days this week, then some cooking. I really need to do the laundry!
    busy busy . . . . .

  4. Finally finished with school (All A’s) and I’m in chill mode. What doesn’t get done is fine with me, this year it is what it is. I refuse to stress anymore, but
    I’m doing some of the fun stuff like cooking. I don’t wrap gifts anymore, I put them in totes, sacks, purses, baskets etc. These things are all environmentally friendly and reusable.

  5. Carol, you made me laugh out loud with your “I AM on strike!” I so love your quick wit! 🙂

    Allison, If there was ever a year to take the easy way in entertaining – this is it! Robert will be such a sweet distraction that nobody will notice the things you didn’t have time to do! 😉

    Clenna, I think you and I are still wrestling with wanting Christmas to be as big a deal as it’s always been, but realizing we may no longer have the energy to be Martha Stewart. 😉

    Wow Kelly!!! All A’s AND your wonderfully creative ideas for green wrappings!!!! You are brilliant! 🙂

    Hi Carapace,
    Oh yes! I also loved the days when Christmas was just the beginning of the festivities! Now, it seems that everyone starts before Halloween and by the time Dec 26th rolls around, the party’s over. 🙁

  6. Wishing I could make Christmas last a few days longer..sigh, I want the old way of having it as the START of the holiday season to come back into vogue!

    Going to have some cookie-making with a friend today, watch some holiday shows, wrap a few more gifts. Then..ah, so little time! A little more baking, maybe? Make a few gift baskets, spend Xmas Eve with my mom…I’m not on strike, I’m padding out the festivities as much as I can so they last!<:)

    Here, you all can borrow one of my elves, they LOVE to bustle in winter!

  7. Since I’m going backwards…I already know that cowl came out gorgeous! These photos really show how beautiful the bracelet is. What a stunner, Crystal! You make such gorgeous things! xoxo Paulette

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