We Need A Little Christmas

Right This Very Minute . . .

I‘ve noticed that most years I can easily catch the Christmas “excitement”, but there are some years when I seem to have a much tougher time getting into the holiday spirit. This has been one of those tougher years.

I’m not really talking about shopping, wrapping, decorating, or writing cards. I’ve already done a little of all those things in the last few weeks. I’m referring to that light-hearted, joyous, feeling we’ve all experienced during holidays past – the feeling that it’s fun and not just a mad dash to finish everything in time.

The point is, I like love that feeling. I’ve been waiting for it to grab me ever since Thanksgiving, so I was especially happy that it arrived over the weekend. The impetus? Hubby’s company’s annual Christmas party.


Held on a Saturday evening, the party is always a lovely event. There’s a wonderful dinner, dancing, party favors, and most important of all – the time spent with good friends. Sir Beads has been with the company for 28 years; so many of his co-workers are practically family now. I must admit, I didn’t think I was in the mood to get all dressed up and go this year. It had been a really busy week, and the thought of just relaxing on Saturday night was quite tempting. But we’ve never missed the party, and I figured I’d be glad I went – so we did.

The room literally sparkled with elegant Christmas decorations. There was soft lighting, which made for a very warm, almost dream-like, atmosphere. During small pauses in the chatter at our table, my thoughts wandered to happy Christmases of the past – not only from my own childhood, but also throughout my marriage, and especially from the years when my daughters were small. I felt a spark of excitement, and then that feeling began to grow. By the time the evening ended, I was breathing a sigh of relief. My usual enthusiasm for the holidays was back!


There are only a couple of weeks until Christmas, but now I’m ready to finish the preparations. It won’t be just a blur of chores and lists to complete. Heck, I may even drop a few of those “to-dos” from my usual list.

It took a while to get it this time, but now that the Christmas spirit has finally arrived, I’m going to focus on enjoying every second.




We Need A Little Christmas — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, this is exactly it! All the hustle and bustle is just work if you’ve not hit the right mood.

    For me it took the smell of the Christmas tree- ever since I got it up, even being really ill hasn’t totally knocked out the glee. We’re so close! And I’m so excited- I need to go do something grand on my blog for the next 13 days. Hmm, what should I do…

    Happy Christmas Spirit, Crystal! I’m so glad it finally found you!

  2. I remember those Christmas parties. Its been a long time since Terry or my employer had them. They have digressed to a luncheon for employees only. No more Christmas bonuses or Turkey. Yes, I know, times have been bad. But right now our production workers are averaging 50 hour work weeks. Our owner doesn’t give the bonus/turkey anymore because when you do it, employees start to expect it. Well, excuse me!! But I AM grateful to have a job, especially one that I like.

    Glad you got your spirit back. And its so ice that you had an excuse to get all gussied up and wear some your your lovely crystal (good play on words, huh!) jewelry. Now you have almost two weeks to enjoy your renewed Christmas mood!!

    Have a great day and week!
    xx, Carol

  3. Hi there
    I feel very anti-Christmas right now. I don’t know why – just in a funk. I can’t seem to get the energy to do anything. Maybe I’ll grab that feeling soon.

  4. I got it this week since I only have one final this week. I completed two early and I don’t have to take the other one since my professor drops the lowest test grade and I have 3 A’s. Getting ready to bake some brownies since I’m in a chocolate mood.

    This weeks celebrations include
    12/13 National Cocoa Day since the temperature is in the teens today, this is perfect.
    12/15 Cat Herders Day
    12/16 National Chocolate-covered Anything Day
    12/17 Underdog day and National Maple Syrup Day

  5. I’m still waiting. I think I’ve just been too crazy (again) to actually stop and enjoy the season…my favorite season. I hope this last week it will come…maybe while I’m baking and wrapping and not running around so much….I’m so happy you’ve got that Christmas feeling! Enjoy, Sweet Girl! xoxo Paulette

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