A Christmas Tale

Each year, as I am about to write my Christmas cards, I’m reminded of a December day long ago . . .

At that time, Crystal was a young lady, about 19 years of age. She had just accepted a new job in the office of a manufacturing company. She hadn’t been there too long before she met Sir Beads. Although she already had a boyfriend, she found him very charming and enjoyed talking with him. She learned he was new to the area and lived alone in a small apartment.

Crystal thought that must be rather lonely. She wondered if he ate properly or if he could even cook! Crystal was the oldest of six kids and her mother always prepared more than enough food, so Crystal began to bring Sir Beads home after work to assure he got a decent meal – sometimes!

Her family liked Sir Beads immediately. Her Mom would often scold her, though, for leaving the table to take phone calls from her boyfriend, while Sir Beads waited patiently, chatting with her brothers and sisters. Crystal didn’t see it as a problem. After all, when she met Sir Beads, she already had a boyfriend; surely Sir Beads wasn’t expecting her to be his date.

One day, as Crystal’s mother was writing Christmas cards, she asked for Sir Beads’ address. Crystal began to rattle off the street and number – but suddenly her mother interrupted:

“Wait! I want to get my address book and write it in there, too!”

Crystal laughed and said;

“Oh, Mum, don’t bother! I won’t even know him next Christmas.”

By the time the next Christmas rolled around . . .

Crystal and Sir Beads were married. Not only did Crystal still “know” Sir Beads, but she was signing his name along with her own on “their” Christmas cards.

She didn’t realize when she first met him that he was “the one”.

He, however, has said he knew from the start.



A Christmas Tale — 9 Comments

  1. sweet story!!

    Funny, Terry was a blind date. I thought, what did I get myself into. He thought, I’m gonna marry this girl and asked me two weeks later. I guess I really DID know, cause I said yes.

  2. the absolute BEST Christmas story i’ve ever heard!!!! that sir beads is one lucky (and very smart!) fella!!! have fun remembering all of these great times!! xoxox

  3. Ahhh there’s nothing like a patient man…..Im glad she realised the gold she had in front of her:)
    I met hubby on a blind date,he was studying in England and his family were in Kuwait although he’s technically half lebanese and half palestinian.His family got accepted to come to Canada so i came with him and we got married.Its now 23 years later:)

  4. I love that your mom wanted to send him a card, and you were thinking that you wouldn’t know him in a year. Too cute. Congratulations on your successful marriage. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story.

  5. Crystal…I loved this story! I’m so happy you and Sir Beads have each other… and your sweet mom just knew right off the bat…way to go Mom! xoxo Paulette

  6. What a cute story! Sounds like Sir Beads is a very special man. Glad for the happy ending to the story.

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