Time Thieves

I think we all become a little introspective during New Year’s week.

Whether we’re “resolutions” people or not, many of us feel a desire to do an adjusted “mapquest” of this journey through life we’re taking. We instinctively give some thought to what’s working for us, and what is not . . .

I recently read a phrase that struck a chord with me:

“Time is a modern day luxury.”

Wow, is that ever true!

If you can carve out a little free time in any given day, you are living the good life. I am serious!

Our ancestors surely must have dreamed that they could be ladies of leisure if only they didn’t have to haul water from the well, wash clothes on a rock, and keep that fire going to cook and heat the home. So why is it that with all the of conveniences of today, we still have so little free time?


The conveniences are, of course, part of the problem. There’s no down time. You can be reached by phone 24/7. No more blissful time in the car when you are incommunicado with the rest of the planet. Now, your boss or pesty neighbor can reach you at any hour.

And “taking care” of our “conveniences” takes time – or at least, effort! You must charge your cell, sort the good email from the spam, perform computer updates, scan for viruses, shred mail and papers that could lead to identity theft. And don’t even get me started on our ability to snap photos, willy nilly. Digital cameras are a good thing, for sure. It’s fabulous that there are no more processing fees to develop our pix, but the TIME to sort, delete, and organize can be overwhelming, especially if you are an incurable shutter bug!


It’s all enough to make you cry “uncle”. How ironic that we may have less time because we have more conveniences!

I won’t pretend to have the best answer. It’s something I wrestle with and have blogged about several times in the past. I know one thing though. I’d like to make 2011 the year I get closer to finding the key to the luxury of time.

How about you? Do you feel you have less time now than you did a decade ago?




Time Thieves — 4 Comments

  1. Yep, we’re all looking for EXTRA time. But time also is part of the law of supply and demand. You have to decide what’s important and what’s not so.

    I rarely answer my cell phone unless its Terry or the kids. Actually, I rarely give my cell number out. I didn’t set up vm. I do use my phone to contact the guys at work when I am there. Beats running around the shop looking for them. Its kinda fun sometimes to bug em when they are in “the private place” as we all stand outside the door to see if they will answer. (See why I don’t answer MY phone ~lol~). I have a land line at home with an answering machine that I screen.

    I am always fighting for what I call ME time. But my conveniences don’t zap my time. And what used to is now being delegated to others.

    Delegate…my favorite word this year.

  2. Since I’m retired I have more free time than a decade ago. But sometimes I get involved in so many things that I think I’m going crazy but it’s my fault.

  3. I have more time because I don’t have school right now. Since I have graduated I’m working on getting a scholarship and/or a job. I rarely give out my cell number, I don’t want people to call me when I’m busy doing other things, and I hate talking on the phone anyway. I have leared how to say “no” to some requests I get because I don’t want to fail or do a less than my best effort job. This year I have already started getting more organized and I hope to continue.

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