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  1. They ARE pretty, for a little while. Then they shrivel up and turn brown. Then the idiots around here gather them and the smoky fires start. Until Terry got COPD, I didn’t realize how terrible it can be for people with breathing problems. If you don’t burn, what do you do with them? We have companies that will come and suck them up in big trucks, but its not cheap.

    We have an area in the back yard that I keep uncut with trees and bushes that is fenced to keep the dogs out so the critters can live and eat in peace. We put our leaves there to decompose. What do you do?

    Or, since this Wednesday is Wordless, should I erase? LOL

  2. Now you have to rake! Yikes, I hate raking. Kills my back.
    The pictures are beautiful.

  3. How beautiful!!

    We have not had rain for 2 months!!! (I am serious—every night on the weather they say how long it has been, in some areas it has been even longer) Our leaves are all dead from the drought. Our lawns are all dead. (Unless you have a sprinkler system, which we don’t; our neighbors do & they said their water bill is astronomical) Our bushes are all dead. (I am not looking forward to replacing them next spring.) The lake that we overlook now has about 12 feet of “beach”. My dogs stir up dust every time they run across the yard.
    I was watering flower beds & the yard but I just couldn’t keep up with it, it was fighting a losing battle.
    So I will enjoy your pictures as we are missing out on fall this year!

    Praying for rain! (none forecast for the next 7 days) πŸ™

  4. I don’t do anything with the leaves, since my property is wooded they just lay there until the next year, I guess they compost naturally. I do remove them from the driveway because if they get wet, they are like ice, and become really slick. That is dangerous because we ride motorcycles.

    Allison, I’m so sorry you are missing a fall this year, I will keep rain in my prayers for your neck of the woods.

    The photos that your daughter took are beautiful, Crystal. I love this time of year. My niece and I take the leaves and dip them in parafin wax and set them on the table for Thanksgiving. I can actually manage to make this craft look good. The family looks forward to our leaves each year.

    Hagfish are a type of eel like creature that can emit copious amounts of slime. I have no earthly idea why they have their own day, except since they are like deep sea monsters they fit into the Halloween theme.

  5. Oh how BEAUTIFUL, Crystal!!! There’s nothing more beautiful than autumn… well, actually fresh fallen snow, and ice covered trees in the sunshine, are as beautiful! As soon as I saw that second picture I wished I could run and slosh thru all those gorgeous leaves!… Beautiful pictures Melissa! πŸ˜€

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