Storage Galore

Because I’m a gal that “plays” with beads on a regular basis, I need lots of organized storage for them.

My tiny seed beads do well in this type of container.

And my projects that are in progress are stored in these.

Having portable storage is important to me because I don’t always work in the same room. Sometimes, I want to be near the sunniest window for a project that needs a lot of light. Other times, I might want to move to the living room to watch a movie with Sir Beads as I work. I have various “rolling” carts with drawers that are very helpful, but I don’t always need a large storage caddy. That’s why I was SO excited to find this on SALE over the weekend. It was half price! πŸ˜€

The top opens to hold some of my tools.

The front “draw-bridge” style door opens for access to individual storage cases.

Each case has adjustable compartments. I’m gonna have lots of fun arranging my supplies in these!

Sir Beads is amused by all my storage containers. (I not only use them for beads but also for various household items.) If he’s with me when I’m about to buy another one, he often gives me a feigned look of surprise and says:

“Ah, you don’t have enough of those yet????”πŸ˜‰ (He’s a character, I tell ya!)

The truth is – they are ever so convenient! My rule is they must be on sale. I will not pay a fortune for one. I use all shapes and sizes for out-of-season clothes, Christmas decorations, general craft supplies, etc. They’re sturdier and more airtight than cardboard boxes, not to mention easier to keep clean.

So, Kids, the weekly question is:

How do you organize the things you need to store or supplies for hobbies? Any tips for the rest of us?




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  1. Since I cannot work with anything that requires finite motor control I don’t have the storage problem that you do. I used to save buttons (not for sewing, mind you, but for science class – classification). I would put them in an old cookie tin.
    I use shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic storage bins, etc. I wish I had an ‘organizational fairy’ that would come to my house to organize.

    I’m off to the beach with grand daughter and the dog.

  2. Morning Crystal!

    Now that’s a beauty of beads and things holder! πŸ˜‰ Nice and sturdy too. I love how it has that big top compartment for your tools and then the all those adjustable little draws below. It would be such fun just filling it all up!

    I have lots of plastic storage boxes all over the place as well, and some white “cigar boxes” I found in the kids crafting department of Michael’s that I really love because they have flip up tops with no clasps, which makes it easy for me to grab things in a hurry. Those are only good for my work table though.

    I hope you have a fun, crafty kind of day today, Sweetie!

    xoxo Paulette πŸ˜€

  3. Organization? Umm…yeah, about that….

    I have some of my nicer yarns in a couple of sets of plastic drawers. I keep some of the cheaper stuff (from when I first started to knit and hadn’t spoiled myself with the nicer stuff) in some plastic under-the-bed storage things in my closet (my bed is too low and they won’t fit under it! ;() Otherwise, I also have some yarn randomly strewn about the bedroom, and works in progress all over my apartment.

    I’m not so organized, unfortunately.

  4. I have tupperware bins for all my season stuff as well as good sturdy boxes with lids. I have a few plastic compartments for some of my craft supplies. I’m not the craftiest person, but I love to do them with my neice and I always make Kouga dog’s Halloween and Jingle Bell run costumes. I find if I keep things organized I can find them when I need them and I’m less stressed.

  5. Organize? you mean the pile of stuff on my craft table? You know, keep it all in a pile for easy access! O, what about the stuff that falls on the floor when you root through the pile looking for whats on the bottom? Just kinda push it under the table so you don’t step on it, unless the dog gets its first. Guaronteee you don’t want it back.

    Seriously, my storage is much the same as yours. My love of those plastic divider boxes is a joke in my house because my motto is you never have enough plastic organizer boxes or carts that hold them.

    Thanks for showing yours. Now, I have to run out and find some nice new tools with pretty handles like you have. Mine are ancient when they only came in black.
    xx, Carol

  6. Luckily I am not a crafter/artist like some of you so maybe I don’t have to be organized…and I’m not. Which reminds me, I have a shoe organizer that I bought last year and never took out of its bag, supposed to put all your shoes in it and slide it under the bed…(too much trouble!)

  7. I wish I could offer up some storage advice, but I switch organizational styles so often… I guess I must not be very organized if I keep switching from one system to another! I do like those cute photo storage boxes you can get at any craft store though. I’ve got a ton of those and I get eye rolls from my husband every time I want to buy more (only on sale though πŸ˜‰ )

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