A Little Lurker Love

One thing is for sure . . .

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a terrific group of regular commenters here on the blog, but sometimes a girl wants to know just how many are out there enjoying silently suffering through the stuff she blabs on and on about – day after day. 😉

If you are a reader but not a commenter, may I ask a favor?

Would you please send a quick email to:

crystal at beadhappilyeverafter dot com

You don’t have to write a long message, you can just say: “I read your blog.”

(Please note: Your email address will not be used for advertising purposes nor shared with anyone else, period!)


And now a little news from the beading front . . .

I seem to be on an earring kick, these days.

Here are the latest.




A Little Lurker Love — 9 Comments

  1. I love the earrings, they are so pretty. These would be perfect with the fall purples, plums and other darker colors that are popular this year. The pink would help lighten up some of these darker outfits that I see everywhere.

    I hope you get lots of emails from people who like to read your blog. I know I enjoy reading all the comments from the regulars.

  2. RAW. (right angle weave) I have never tried it, but I should. I see lots of bead work using RAW that I like. Your earrings are beautiful.

    Well, heck. If you are reading this post, and don’t usually comment, please leave a note here. We’d like you to join us for a morning cup. Its real friendly here and gosh, we want Crissie to know that all her effort to bring us together is worth it! You wouldn’t want this place to shut down now, would ja!

    Just say hi.
    If you have a blog it would be nice to leave a link so we can visit.
    I promise, we don’t bite. Unless the moon is full. Then its open season.

  3. I’ve been thinking about doing this same thing on my blog! I know I don’t have tons of readers, but I’m so curious how many lurkers are out there 🙂
    Also, I love these earrings – they are beautiful!!

  4. I’m a half lurker lately LOL haven’t had much time to leave you any lovely comments! Once again you have made another set of lovely earrings, I so wish I could wear big earrings!

  5. Your earrings are beautiful!!

    (Note to self: Must not look. Must not look. Just keep focused on triangles.)

    Guess what!! Beth Stone posted a comment on my blog. I am so excited.

  6. OOOH, those are gorgeous! Pink and sparkles, the perfect combo!

    You must have gotten a ton of emails!

    xoxo Paulette

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