7 Ways To Keep Your Cool

It’s officially summer and many of us have already been experiencing the three H’s – hazy, hot, and humid weather. πŸ˜‰

For this installment of Lucky Seven, I have 7 tips for keeping your cool when you’re feeling hot.

1. Bring a “Cold” Water Bottle to Bed!
Grab a hot water bottle, but fill it with ice water! Use it to cool your feet, your wrists, and the back of your knees. If you don’t want to share with your bed mate – bring an extra bottle.

2. Wear Natural Fabrics!
Each year, I’m always amazed to see the number of summer fashions made with synthetic materials. Whew! On a hot day, anything nylon or polyester will cling to you like a stubborn price sticker! Cotton and linen are so much more comfortable and will allow your skin to breathe.

3. Invest in a good window fan – or two!
Choose those that have both intake and exhaust settings. Place them in windows on opposite sides of the house. As soon as the sun goes down, run both fans on exhaust for a short time. Then, turn one to “intake” and leave the other at “exhaust”. You’ll begin to feel the cooler air enter your home through one window, as the heat of the day exits through the other.

4. Keep hydrated!
Your body needs to replenish the fluids you lose while sweating. On very warm days, by the time you feel thirsty, you may already be dehydrated – so enjoy a cool glass of water – frequently.

5. Stay away from the oven!
If at all possible, avoid adding heat to the kitchen. Try not to cook during the hottest part of the day. Be creative with cold supper recipes, or batch-cook in the early morning hours to stockpile future meals that will need just a brief warm-up.

6. Strip the bed!
Put away the blankets, comforters, and even the bedspread during a heat wave. A pretty cotton sheet set looks cooler to the eye and certainly will feel cooler on your skin during a scorching summer night.

7. Make a Root Beer Float!
Or whatever cold treat you love. πŸ˜€
If it’s a blistering summer day, treat yourself!!! You can go back to healthful eating tomorrow!


Ok, now. Tell the truth!

Don’t you feel cooler already? πŸ˜€




7 Ways To Keep Your Cool — 8 Comments

  1. If I’m around the house I go barefoot, and bra-less. It seems so much cooler when I don’t have to wear a bra. I usually just wear a t-shirt and undies. Turning on the ceiling fans seem to make a difference too.

  2. I like #7 the BEST!!!

    When I am dead and gone, I think one thing my grandsons will remember about me is that when they least expected it, I would bring out rootbeer floats or homemade milk shakes. My youngest grandson often says Papa makes the best scrambled eggs but no one makes a milkshake like Bamma’s.

    OK, I’m bad. When I am outside I don’t even try to keep cool. I love to work outside and don’t mind sweat and dirt. But when I come in I jump in the show and relax in the air conditioned house.

    Have a cool day cause I know you hate the heat.
    xx, Carol

  3. I love the idea of taking a cold water bottle to bed! It’s so hot here any tips will help πŸ™‚ We’ve always got the fans in our house on and as soon as I’m home from work I change into my cotton sun dresses – it makes such a huge difference even if I wore something pretty lightweight to work!

  4. Eeeek! As far as staying hydrated- remember, kids, don’t just drink water! We’ve lost a couple young athletes in my town who were very good and conscientious about their water, but forgot to have anything else. Hydrotoxicosis is bad news!

    Drink some Gatorade, or juice, or other sports drink if you’re sweating a lot; and if you’re just having a normal day, remember to eat something with salt!

    Also, my favorite way to keep cool is..eat hot-spicy food! It’s good for blood pressure and helps your body cool off!:)

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