Time for a Staycation . . .

Hi Kids! 🙂

Besides wishing you a wonderful weekend, I wanted to let you know I’ll be on vacation from the blog next week. . .

Have fun while I’m away.

Miss me a little. (Please?)

And let’s get together again, right here, on the 26th, ok? 😉

I’ll have a brand new giveaway. (Gee, I miss you already!)

You can still leave comments or even send me an email by clicking the “contact us” button in the sidebar.

I’ll be checking my computer daily. 😉




Time for a Staycation . . . — 17 Comments

  1. Have a wonderful weekend and a great staycation. I promise I will miss you till you come back on the 26th. Since you are going to be gone, keep your fingers crossed since my husband had a job interview today. Hopefully he will get the job. Take care,

  2. OMG, I am in withdrawl already!!
    But…you deserve to have a little me time and I hope you relax and do just what you want to.
    love ya lots, Carol

  3. Oh no…you CAN’T do that! I’ll reeeeeeally miss you!

    Have fun sweetie pie!


  4. WHAT? No, no, noooo! How will I know when next week starts, without RSS telling me about your giveaway? How will I start my Saturday next week, if I’m not catching up with you?!? Most unfair, you are not allowed to go away! I shall pout. Pout pout pooooOOOh, the first berries are ripe!

    Ok, lady, the berries get you off the pouttity hook this time. But don’t do it too often, y’hear?;)

  5. Gosh, I am forever a day (or more) late and a dollar short! Hope the vacation is going well and that your weather is cooperating up there. Hope the staycation involves perusing bead shops!

  6. Saturday night and I hope that your staycation is going great. Can’t wait for you to come back and read more posts about your life and things you enjoy. Blessings girl!!!

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